My fine art black and white horse pictures express the beautiful moments I had with these majestic animals. I want to share these horse pictures so you can experience the same captivating emotions as I did in the comfort of your home.

We print all black and white horse pictures on metallic paper, which brings our beautiful horse photography prints to life. And honestly, any horse picture will always add to the excitement of any room.

Benefits of Using Fine Art Horse Pictures in Your Home

To begin with, you will have beautiful original art to view every day. This art will show your appreciation and love of horses for you and all who visit. You will be able to create specific atmospheres (tranquility, excitement, etc.) Fine art horse prints are an easy fit for any room or space. Our fine art horse photography is a great investment that increases in value over time.

  1. Fine art horse pictures can add a touch of elegance to any room

The eloquence and majesty of the horse’s nature bring a “Vibe” into any room. Photographs of these magnificent animals and their natural stature contribute an element of refinement to any room in a home. 

  1. They can help to create a more relaxing and calming environment

Horses for the most part are very calm animals, and carry that with them. There are pictures of them grazing peacefully in the field or wading in the water creating a pensive tranquil environment. 

  1. Horse pictures can be used to inspire and motivate you.

Pictures that show horses on the move or in action inspire us due to their strength and majestic quality! When we see photographs of horses racing on the track or dressage performances we all become stimulated to move. These action shots motivate thinking and add to our alertness. 

  1. They’re a great way to show off your love of horses and the outdoors.

Horses in their natural habitat are always aspiring and appreciated. When we see shots of the herd galloping or running freely in the mountains or on the plains we feel excited. We always love photographs of horses roaming around or grazing in the coral. Pictures of horses portraying their daily life outdoors are enjoyed.

  1. They can help to brighten up any space in your home, office, and more.

If there’s a spot in your home that needs a little brightening up, we have photography that will work. For example, we have black and white horse pictures that are just so lovely and uplifting. They make everyone feel good by just looking at them! We have fine art horse photographs that captivate your emotions and will surely bring life into any space.

  1. They make great conversation starters, you will always have something to talk about with your guests.

I feel everyone loves horses. And that is why it is so easy to converse about horses. Everyone has a horse story that they are eager to speak about. The topic of horses is a natural conversation starter. Horses and mankind have thousands of years of history together, let’s pay it forward, it’s good for all!

  1. They can help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere for family and guests.

Our love of horses brings us together and creates a happy mood. When fine art horse photographs are featured in any room of the house we are in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We see the horse photos on the wall, talk about them, and through conversing we get closer to one another in a friendly atmosphere.

Why Do We Use Beautiful Horse Pictures for Our Wall Decor?

While we don’t need a reason to decorate our homes with horse pictures, there are certainly a few. People love using beautiful horse pictures for wall decor. Horse art has been used for decoration since prehistoric times and was first discovered in caves. Humans have a history with these beautiful animals that spans centuries. Creating art to depict horses has always come naturally to mankind. We have always recognized the horses as our beautiful and majestic animal companions.

The domestication of horses allowed humans to thrive. Horses were able to do tasks that humans could never do on their own. They became a crucial element in the advancement of our civilization and were celebrated for their gifts. It is impossible to tell the story of humanity without including horses.

While horses don’t play the same role as they once did in the early days, the loving connection between them and us has not been lost. We still admire their strength, elegance, and beauty. Horses still help people in many ways today besides farm work. They have been shown to be invaluable companion animals that can even aid in therapy and help people handle stressful situations.

It’s only natural to want to have horse pictures in our homes, whether they are in color or black and white horse photography. Horse prints bring the essence of our bond with them into our homes. Today at Ejaz Khan Earth our mission is to bring the highest level of fine art horse photography that salutes these remarkable animals.

horse print in bedroom wall art ideas

Why We Love Using Fine Art Horse Pictures in Our Home

Whether it’s on the battlefield or on a peaceful farm, horses have always been by our side. They have proven themselves to be loyal, brave, and honorable companions. The perfection and love of a horse have been saluted with their depiction in fine art horse pictures. Mankind looks at the horse as a symbol of freedom and resiliency for all the times they have stood by us. 

Throughout history, we have seen that people with horses tend to do better. From soldiers to farmers, having horses was always an advantage. People were able to protect themselves better, be more productive, travel further distances, and develop their communities better all thanks to horses.

We still remember this positive association with horses even if they don’t impact our lives directly anymore. Horses have maintained their status as power and success symbols. Many people believe that even a picture of horses can bring positive energy into a home. Horses invoke a sense of discovery in us, and the spirit of one can inspire you to look for it. Fine art horse pictures, bring the spirit of the horse closer to us.  

Bringing our beloved equine friends into our home can really change the energy within. From Feng Shui to Vastu Shastra, different beliefs and cultures have documented the austerity of showcasing horses in the home. For most people, there is a childhood fascination with these animals that continues into adulthood. As adults we tend to forget about the things that brought us enjoyment and excitement as children, only to discover them later. Horses encapsulate that feeling for many of us.

The careless and free-spirited essence of the horse is difficult to experience for the average adult. While many people would love to have a horse themselves, it’s not possible. The next best thing is fine art horse pictures.

black and white horse photography print on bedroom wall

How to Choose the Best Horse Photography Prints for Your Home Decor

Everyone has a different taste in home decor, but if you’re on our website there’s a good chance that you love animals and fine art. When you’re first starting to look for the perfect art for your home, you might be tempted to go for what’s at your fingertips. A quick Google search for “best horse pictures” is a good place to start, but essentially is just the beginning of your options. The reality of finding the best horse pictures is a bit more subjective and vague. Your aesthetic and style can meet with high-quality art prints of these majestic animals, you just have to look in the right place. 

Our catalog of horse pictures and horse photography prints consists of handpicked photographs gathered from years of traveling. Each image conveys a different emotion, energy, and mood. The names for each image have been carefully picked to try and summarise the complex mood of the photograph. So depending on your need for a space you can go for either end of the mood spectrum. You can opt for pieces like Integrity, Unity, and Inspired for an office or living room. If you’re looking for a softer feel for a bedroom or nursery, you can go for pieces like Love, Friendship, or Family Pack.

Whatever draws you to horse photography, the best horse pictures are the ones you fall in love with. that light up your home. There’s never a right or wrong way to feel about your space nor a right or wrong way to decorate it. Tastes and preferences may change over time, but history has shown that our love for horses is timeless.

Horses have been popular for decades, and America has frankly been obsessed with them for even longer. These magical black and white animal pictures are not going to go out of fashion anytime soon. So let your heart choose the perfect horse to bring into your home.

What makes fine art horse photography prints so unique?

Fine art horse photography prints are unique for many reasons. They capture a specific particular moment. They all tell stories that express many different emotions. These prints are individual and exclusive. And above all they are beautiful to see on our walls.

  1. They capture a moment in time that can never be repeated

Horses are famous for their actions. Roaming around the coral, racing in competitions, performing dressage and running with the herd are all unique activities that are a part of a horse’s daily life. For example when a photo is taken of a horse winning a particular race this reflects a specific exciting moment. The capturing of these mundane and dramatic moments in horses’ lives brings us wonderful unforgettable photographs that we will cherish for life.

  1. They tell a story and evoke emotion

We have every possible emotion recorded in photographs of horses. We have moments of joy expressed when a child is given a horse as a gift. We have examples of tension reflected in photos of horses fighting and wrestling. There are photos of horses performing in circus rings with dancers on their backs. Baby horse foals playing together is always a photo that we all love. So if your intention is to evoke emotion, horse wall art is for you.

  1. Fine art photography prints are often one-of-a-kind and exclusive

All fine art photography prints are original. They express a photographer’s vision on a particular subject. These prints are limited to twenty and are signed by the photographer. They are also considered to be a good investment as they increase in value with time.

  1. The photographer’s vision and creativity is on full display

The photographer’s artistic vision is what defines a fine art print. It is this vision that separates a standard photograph from a fine art print. A standard photograph is considered a photo that just records what something is. The fine art print sends a message of what the photographer thinks about a particular subject

  1. Print on luxury papers

All fine art prints are printed on luxury paper. This permits the most genuine color reproduction to be reflected in the print. It also makes the print quite sturdy and able to withstand curling and shrinkage over time. 

Black and White Horse Photography for a Perfect Look

The all-black ensemble has become a staple look for the chic, smart, and stylish. Not only is the look slimming and suitable for most occasions, but it’s also foolproof. That’s why everyone from celebrities to the average person reaches for neutral colors. You’re almost guaranteed a look that will not age you or look odd. 

Black and white horse pictures fall under this rule as well. Decades have come and gone and with them, different styles and trends. The one style that has stuck around is black and white photography. Photography started in monochrome but has never abandoned its roots completely. We tend to associate old classic photography with a monochrome palette. Are black and white photos timeless because they started that way or because monochrome just always works? Either way, black and white horse photography is doing us all a favor by refusing to go out of style.

Not only that, but they also refuse to compete with other styles of decor. The black and white look is a great neutral and can be flush with whatever is around it. It blends in with its surroundings and lets the imagery do the work instead of the colors. Leaving color out of the equation brings the viewer into better focus on the photography and the artistry it displays. When you buy black and white horse photography, you are also buying peace of mind that your new artwork will always have a place in your home. Versatility like that is well worth the investment.

Why Invest in Fine Art Horse Photography Prints

Your twenties are usually characterized by a frugal and almost nomadic lifestyle. You spend time moving between apartments and cities for jobs and other opportunities. The idea of investing in anything seems unlikely and impractical. The IKEA furniture and garage sale art do a good enough job. Once you start to plant your roots, the situation is completely different. The older, more mature you can see the value in investing in high-quality goods that can improve your life. It’s no longer appealing to make do with the cheap mass-produced home goods as you did previously. Now you’re ready to treat yourself to the finer things that you know will be worth it in the long run.

Fine art horse photography is just one of these investments that can significantly improve your home decor. The allure of cheaper prints is just that, they’re cheap. Horse prints and fine art horse photography are two very different things. An average photography print is meant to be enjoyed for some time, and then replaced for the next trendy thing. As the name implies, fine art horse photography is designed as a piece of timeless art.

They are meant to be investments that display the vision and artistry of the photographer in sync with the natural beauty of the subject. Of course, it is fine to indulge in the fun trends that come and go in wall art. However, for central pieces in a home, it can be best to take your time and buy horse artwork that holds the rest of your decor together. Smaller pieces in your home can come and go at your whims, but a good central piece can ground it all and maintain the aesthetic of your home.

How Climate Change Affects Horses

Despite our love for our beloved equine friends, humans are largely to blame for some of the difficulties they may face from climate change. As the world is altered due to human involvement, horses are no exception to the many species of plants and animals who will experience difficulties. With climate change, we can expect to see major weather events including increased temperatures in the summer, greater rainfall, colder winter, and habitat degradation.

Wild horses will experience the brunt of these changes, as they struggle to survive on their own in a quickly changing world. However, even our domestic horses can experience some stresses that we are responsible for combatting. For starters, rising temperatures overall can be difficult for horses to adapt to as these animals can quickly become overheated and fatigued in high temperatures.

two running horses wall art pictures

On the other hand, more severe winters can also be difficult for horses to survive without adequate shelter or resources. Increased rain and flooding can be catastrophic for the habitats of wild and domestic horses. Excess water can flood paddocks and destroy foliage necessary for them to feed on. Climate change can also result in droughts that dry up fields and leave behind dusty plains. Not only do horses struggle to find food but the excess dust can lead to breathing problems.

All the fine art horse pictures in my catalog wouldn’t be able to take the place of the real thing. So it is incredibly important that we do our best to mitigate climate change while we still can.

How to Create Black and White Horse Photography

Firstly, equine photography is no magic trick. When you see videos and large horse wall art videos, you can see how fast they can run, so the results of your horse images depend on your keen eyes. Tracking technologies in cameras are a great help to keep in focus. Everyone can take decent black and white horse photography. But the key to taking good horse photographs is to spend time understanding the horse’s behavior. These tips will help those who create traditional and digital horse fine art.

Are you interested in buying art photography that goes beyond generic horse stock photos? These tips will also help to find the horse images for your home.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Winston Churchill


How to take beautiful black and white horse photography?

All animals get a very good sense of our energy. So if we are not comfortable around them, they will pick up on this and react the same way. Treat the horse as you would a close friend – be friendly. Make it comfortable around your camera equipment before taking pictures of wild horses.

Where can I buy black and white horse prints online?

Our wide fine art collection of beautiful black and white wild horses pictures come in several sizes for your home or office. You can speak with our art consultant to learn more about choosing black and white horse photography prints for your home. We also offer stunning pictures in a color that you won’t find anywhere else. Search for your desired size that will fit perfectly in your home.

Where can I buy art in NYC?

Our head office is in the heart of New York City. New York is well known for its amazing art scene and creative minds. You can find so many sorts of great art. All of our fine art horse pictures are printed with the highest quality of paper and certified by the artist.

What to buy someone who loves horses?

You can find amazing pictures of beautiful horse paintings online, but the energy of black and white horse photography is like no other. Our equine photography displays inspirational moments in nature, making it the perfect gift.

Which is better, black and white horse canvas art or fine art photography?

Foremost, your decision should be on taste and connection. But there are some differences to consider. A canvas print can be a lighter piece, but it typically has a flat look. A print on metallic paper allows the photograph to come to life through its vibrant and shiny surface. Your perfectly optimized content goes here!