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Horse portrait photography prints are the perfect way to show your love for horses. Whether you’re an avid equestrian or simply enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures, horse prints make a stunning addition to any home décor. Our horse portrait prints are masterfully captured and printed on high-quality fine art paper. Each limited Edition print is then individually signed by the artist, making it a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art. Whether you choose to display your print in a frame or simply hang it on the wall as is, this makes a beautiful and unique addition to any room. Order your horse portrait print today and enjoy the beauty of these magnificent creatures for years to come.

Horse Portrait Photography Print | “Hipsters”


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Crazy Horse Portrait

1876 is known as “The Year We Lost Our Horses.” The lost horses are called the Nokotas and were integral to the way of life at the time. The Native Americans took great care of their horses who had revolutionized their way of life. Having horses allowed for a nomadic lifestyle to follow buffalo herds and adapt to their environments. Horses symbolized wealth and power to their community and losing them would be monumental.

Black and white horse portrait

Color can be a great tool for storytelling in a horse portrait. However, it can also be inappropriate at times. Color can be a huge distraction from the main elements of a photograph. When it comes to horse portrait photography, taking color out of the equation can be a great idea. A black and white horse portrait turns the animal into less of a two dimensional object and more of a three dimensional creature.

A black and white horse portrait forces the photographer to work with the lighting to find each horse’s negative and positive spaces. The background becomes less of a focus in the final product, leaving the subject to shine through better. A black and white horse portrait is not supposed to showcase the horse as just an animal. A horse portrait is supposed to elevate and display the soul and emotion of this beloved friend.

A horse portrait is an invaluable tool to help capture the essence of what makes these majestic creatures so special and loved. To see up close the fine details through a horse portrait helps the average person see what they may not see otherwise in their daily lives. If you’ve ever wanted to showcase the emotion behind the eyes of a horse or the beauty of the minute details of these animals, a horse portrait is a way to go.

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