Decorating your walls is an essential step in the interior design process. If your bedroom feels unfinished, it’s likely due to a lack of wall decor. We can successfully decorate our bedroom with luxury black and white and color bedroom wall art prints.

How to Decorate a Bedroom

Before we decorate a bedroom we should first create an interior design plan for our home. By doing this we will better be able to focus on the artwork we choose for our bedroom. This art should be of a soothing relaxing nature. The art in this room should encourage rest and relaxation.

Selecting a theme like nature or wildlife is a good idea. For example, if we choose nature as our theme we can select landscapes, snow-covered mountains, or early morning fog in an open field. Should we prefer wildlife there are fine art prints of birds, birds in flight, or colts prancing around the coral?

An advantage of choosing wildlife is through the choice of particular animals we can bring into a room any emotion. The majesty of a racehorse, the cuteness of baby foxes or monkeys playing. These and many other choices can bring into your room countless emotions.

What Do You Need to Decorate a Bedroom?

As we noted above a solid interior design plan will lead us in the right direction and help when selecting art for the bedroom. A color scheme that is muted and evokes a feeling of solitude and rest should be employed in the bedroom. Bedspreads, drapes, and flooring should also be neutral and not harsh.  Bright light and strong colors have no place in the bedroom 

We need to find the right kind of art for this room. Here again, if our theme is a natural one we should research all of the many possibilities that nature offers us. Sunsets, waterfalls, sandy beaches, and the desert might do the trick. If wildlife is what we prefer there are prints of deers at the waterhole, birds on the wing, and wolf cubs at play.

These can all provide fine art prints that can beautifully decorate your bedroom. We may prefer one large print that dominates a wall or several small framed prints placed over the bed. We know that whatever our choice will be, we will surely discover it.

Bedroom Wall Art Ideas

There are many interesting ideas for bedroom wall art. We will suggest a few.

A Gallery Wall is a Big Favorite

You can hang favorite pictures of different sizes across an entire wall. These photos do not have to be the same size and they can be framed or not framed. You can stick to a favorite theme (our vacations, our house in all four seasons, our kids.) It is also OK not to have a theme and to just hang your personal and very favorite photos.

Horizontal Art Evenly Spaced

A picture of a beautiful sunset divided into three frames of the same size and dimensions should be hung on the wall with an equal blank wall space of several inches in between the three paintings. This creates an original montage on your wall. We should pick one of our favorite photos for this.

Large Scale Art

black and white wolf photography print in bedroom

This art will dominate and take over the room. It should be a photo of one of your favorite scenes. It could be musk ox fighting, or horses in the water running towards you.

Wall Art Above the Bed

The best place to display wall hanging decor is above the bed. This is the location that is often favored for hanging art. There is wonderful nature and wildlife art that can be hung here. We have pastoral scenes and many animal photos that are perfect for this spot, which will create the appropriate mood.

What to Consider When Buying Bedroom Wall Art


There are many things to consider while buying bedroom wall art. Below are some main points to keep in mind when considering bedroom wall art. 

1. Size of the Bedroom

The first thing to consider is the dimensions of the wall where you plan to hang the art. This is essential as we must know what size art to shopping for. Once we know this we can think of what would be appropriate for the bedroom wall. 

If we have a blank large wall space we should consider large and even oversized art. This will be very impressive and dominate the room. It will surely become the focal point. However, if the wall space is limited you may choose two small frames related to subject matter art prints and hang them on either side of the bed.

2. What Message do you Want the Art to Communicate?

If we have an interior design theme we will most likely start to research art that relates to the theme. If the theme is wildlife we should think about what emotion we want the room to have. Should it be excitement showing a racehorse in action? Or should it be peace and show horses grazing? 

This is an important consideration as it will impact you personally People who see the art that you have chosen make decisions about what they think about you. For example, via the art you choose they may think that you are a very well-educated individual who has great taste; or, they may view you as someone who has poor taste and is out of touch with what’s going on.

3. Consider using Color for Your Wall Art

Do you want to have several rather small framed art scenes of various animals to hang above the bed? Or do you prefer to choose large oversized wall art that dominates an entire wall? Whatever you choose it should have muted colors that suggest relaxation and peace. The specific function of the bedroom must always be considered, which is it should above all be restful.

Muted colors and neutrals (beige and gray) would be good choices to use in a bedroom. Employing white and natural light is also a good idea. Black and white can be used sparingly and should be viewed as an accent and never dominate. Remember the bedroom should reflect a mood of restfulness and have a calming effect.

4. Consider Your Passion

The room should take into consideration not only the emotion that you wish to reflect, but it should reflect your passion. The success of interior decoration is more effective when our true interest is recognized. When we see to it that what we love the most is evident in the room the space has greater meaning for us all. If you love nature and wildlife it should be in some way reflected in the room. Natural scenes and beautiful animals such as birds are wonderful examples of what bringing your passion into a room can do for the success of the room’s decor.

Fine Art Horse Photography print on wall

How to Pick the Right Wall Art for Bedroom

Many people opt for large bedroom wall art as they feel that it is the correct statement that defines their bedroom. The typical placement of large bedroom wall art is on the wall opposite the bed. It is placed here so that when one wakes up they can see it first. This can have a major influence on anyone’s day. One should have bedroom wall art here that pleases since it is the first thing that we see when we wake up.

There are endless art themes that one can choose for this wall. One may prefer nature themes where we can choose pastoral scenes or wildlife. A beautiful calming seascape, the Alps, or foals roaming the coral might suit us. Whatever one may decide can be the bedroom wall art that can decorate our wall and please us at the same time.

We can be sure that the mood and tone of our modern bedroom wall art will be set according to our preference for large bedroom wall art.

7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Selecting Bedroom Wall Art

We have some suggestions to make regarding how and what to select for our bedroom wall art.

  • Always start off with an interior design plan and theme. This gives one a specific direction and will help guide decisions
  • The art should reflect the mood we want for this room.
  • The art should not be too varie, colorful, bright and oversized.
  • Consider a pallet of neutral colors
  • Black and white art can be an excellent choice when used as an accent
  • The art should have a matt finish
  • The art should not have a glossy finish
Horses running BEDROOM wall art

What Makes Black and White Wall Art for the Bedroom so Special?

Black and white wall art is in a category all to itself. When we select this art we make decorating this room much easier. The reason for this is that since the art is just black and white it will blend in with all color schemes, patterns, and textures. We will not have to be concerned with clashes between the decor and the art.

Another aspect of black and white art is that it is direct. It clearly shows specifically what art is. The absence of color and shading allows black and white wall art to show art with greater clarity. Just as black printing shows clearly on white paper what a message is, so have decades of only black and white films given us the wonder of movies. 

When we see black and white wall art we better appreciate the true meaning of what this wonderful art can do.

YouTube video

Using Art to Define the Energy of a Room

The best art for capturing the energy of a room is to select wildlife. Animals can bring many varied emotions into any room.

The wall art for the bedroom must always clearly define the energy that we want this room to portray. The wall art for the bedroom that we select will definitely define the energy of the bedroom. When we walk into a room the first element that attracts our eye is the bedroom wall art hung on the walls. The personality of this room is conveyed via the bedroom wall art chosen. If we want to convey specific emotions it is a good idea to consider the possibility of wildlife. We have every emotion possible documented in our animal photographs. This is how we can bring into the bedroom any emotion that we want.

The concept of peace and quiet and relaxation should be reflected through the art of the bedroom. This is the room where we come to relax and sleep so the art must be of a peaceful nature.

Modern Bedroom Wall Art Prints

Art that we truly love, which reflects our personal style, is what we should select for our bedroom. This rule applies throughout one’s home, but it is particularly necessary for the bedroom. Large bedroom wall art should be considered. We will look into some possibilities for modern bedroom wall art.

  • Scenes from nature. This is the most popular category today. Garden views, sunsets, botanical images, The Grand Canyon, and waterfalls are but a few natural modern possibilities.
  • Abstract art. Geometric shapes and patterns, contemporary artists’ works, and modern muted color studies can be interesting.
  • Wildlife Fine Art Prints. Birds, birds in flight, baby horses, and polar bears with their cubs are but a few suggestions.
  • Architectural Subjects. Favorites are modern buildings, bridges, and palatial homes.
  • Favorite Family Photos. Children are at the top of this list


We hope that our information shared here about bedroom wall art will be helpful to you. Decorating our home can be confusing for most of us. It is our pleasure to assist you in any way that you may require.


Why do black and white wall art for a bedroom feel luxurious and modern look?

Black and white art for the bedroom never get old-fashioned. The colorless pictures always tell you a different story when you look at them each time. Large modern wall art for bedroom value increases with time pass because it shows the real nature without the color that feels we are too close to nature.