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Wild Horse Photography | "Autopilot"

Make a huge statement with Stunning Wild Horse Photography Prints in your home and create a look of sophistication. Limited Edition By Ejaz Khan.

Wild Horse Photography | "Autopilot"

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Once created wild horse photography is in a prized category. It is without a doubt one of the most sought-after and purchased photography categories. Horses and men have interacted with each other for thousands of years.

The natural outgrowth of this relationship was that when the camera first appeared wild horse photography emerged.

The technical innovations in cameras since the mid-18oo’s are vast. Today it allows us to take previously unimaginable images and pictures of wild horses. The astounding stop-action wild horse photography taken today throughout the world has brought horse photography prints to new unimaginable heights.

Using Fine Art Wild Horse photography Prints as Wall Decor.

Originally created as fine Art Wild Horse Prints and images as wall decor is the highest level of equestrian imagery that we can have for our walls. It reflects the artistry of its creator.

The emotions of the artist are expressed with originality in their work. These Fine Art Prints and wild horses pictures once owned often provide a valuable investment that does not lose value in time. Many find this factor in their favor when selecting artwork.

Wild Horse Photography in the American Home.

It is very common to find wild horse pictures in American homes. The living room and dining room are favorite locations for showing their beauty. Checking out the internet for images of America’s horses is the best place to start looking. You will have the freedom and be able to find both color and black and white pictures.

Where is the largest herd of wild horses?

The largest herd on earth lives in Australia and is a symbol of freedom. There are four thousand horses in this herd. In the USA these wild horses are known as “Mustang,” but in Australia, they are called “Brumby.”

How did the wild horses come to America?

The story is that America’s first wild horses were found in the northern region of America, eight to twelve thousand years ago. We do not know why but the American wild horses began to be extinct about ten thousand years ago.

American wild horses were known as Genesis Equis. A breed known as E. Caballus lives in the Virgin Islands. In 1493 Christopher Columbus later imported them into Virginia.

In 1591 the Spanish explorer Cortes brought horses along with his army into Florida. These horses spread north and west and were later joined with other breeds that were introduced by the British and French.

American indigenous Indians had never seen horses until they were introduced by Europeans. At first, they feared these creatures because they thought that the man on a horse was one animal. Later on, they realized that a man was actually sitting on the horse.

Once significant awareness was raised the Indians realized this they adopted and began to breed herds for their use for transportation and fighting.

Wild Horses in America.

We don’t have an exact count of horses in the world. It is estimated that today there are eighty-six million wild horses (Mustangs) in the USA. They live on twenty-eight million acres of public land. The majority of these horses roam free. Nevada is the state that has the greatest number. The natural predators of wild horses in America are humans, wolves, coyotes, and bears.

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    Fine Art, Quality and care was what I was given. So happy with my selection and the customer service was exceptional!

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    I have never seen horse pictures like these ever, I love this picture in my home.

  3. Jesse

    Such a beautiful and mesmerizing art pieces. The attention to every little detail leaps straight out the photograph. Beyond happy with this print in my home.

  4. Michael

    I am so happy with this print that I purchased! It is amazingly beautiful! Their customer service is flawless!

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