Selecting contemporary living room wall art can be a challenge. Walking into other rooms of a home can tell volumes about the person who put them together. We recommend that one carefully works out in advance a well-thought-out interior design plan that addresses all the concerns for the living room. This will be a great help for us in selecting living room wall art that pleases us.

Why Choose Wall Art for Living Room

Living room wall art is to be highly considered for several reasons. It is usually the first full room that we enter. Our first impression regarding one and their taste will be seen here first. And we all know that first impressions are considered lasting impressions. So we want to be especially aware of making a good first impression here and select great wall art for the living room

How do we do this? The first thing to do is to consult our interior design plan. It will guide us in the right direction for deciding on the modern wall art for the living room that we want. Keep in mind that the art for the living room chosen is a direct reflection of one’s personality and individual taste.

If the theme for our art for the living room is the natural world we will begin to research nature and wildlife. These are very popular topics today. For nature, we may research beautiful landscapes, seascapes, and sunsets for modern wall art for the living room. If it’s wildlife we may want art for the living room of horses, birds, or jungle animals.

white wolf print in living room

The thing to keep in mind here is done you want the room to reflect a particular emotion. If so, you should select living room wall art that portrays that emotion. If it is the excitement you may choose horses racing or fighting; if, instead, it’s peace you may prefer horses grazing on the coral or birds in flight. The mood in our room will definitely be a reflection of the emotion selected and communicated through the animal art selected for wall art for the living room

Another benefit of this living room wall art is that it should give us pleasure when we are in the living room. If you are able to view a scene of horses walking into the sunset hung on your wall this will certainly bring to mind a peaceful state of mind because of the living room wall art.

This living room should be a refuge that we go to either alone or with family and friends where we will experience enjoying not only the room but each other as well. Hence the wall art for the living room and the overall feeling of this room should be one of peace and pleasure.

Things to Consider When Choosing Wall Art for Your Living Room

There are 4 important points to consider when selecting wall art for the living room.

1. Wall Art Clearly Blends with Interior Design

We should seek first living room wall art that clearly relates to our interior design plan. This will support a cohesive direction for all the art throughout the house. Next, we should research living room wall art that specifically addresses our theme.

2. The emotion You Want to Create in Your living Room

If we want a particular emotion also featured in our room you can select from our vast collection of animals in interesting photographs that reflect a wide range of emotions. We have stallions in the water rushing towards us, female bears with their cubs, pumas stretching and so many more. Whatever emotion we seek, we are sure to have animals that convey that.

3. Size of the Room

Aside from theme and mood, there are considerations we should analyze. An important one is the living room itself. For example, is it a large or small room? Do you want art for one wall or several?

4. The Colour Scheme

 Remember when shopping for living room wall art, be aware of the color scheme of the room so that the art and the colors in the room won’t clash with the living room wall art

black and white animal print on Living Room wall

Why is the Living Room the Ideal Place to Hang Art?

The living room is considered by most interior designers as the best place to hang art. The reason for this is that in most cases it is the first room that we go into. It usually is considered the main room of the house. It is for these reasons that we want to be particularly careful and aware of what art for the living room to hang in this room. 

The art for the living room, whether large or small in size, is what most people notice first. So it is here that we again remind you that the impact of this living room wall art conveys not only its relation to the room, but that is a direct impression of who we are, our personality, and taste.

We should think over if we want this wall art for the living room to do anything in particular for us? Do we want this art for the living room to impress others, entertain them, and give them a glimpse into our world and interests, or do we just want it simply to be a beautiful statement? The message here should be focused and clear.

What is the Right Size of a Living Room Wall Art?

EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY prints on living room

The right size for our art for the living room depends entirely on the size of the living room and the dimensions of the wall or walls where we plan to hang the contemporary art. When we have decided where to hang the art we should measure the wall where we plan to hang it. This will indicate to us the specific proportion of the size that the art for the living room should be. It must not be too large and overpowering or too small and miniscule. 

Once we have this information we can now focus on the subject matter of the art for the living room and how we want it shown. Should it be framed or not? How far up on the wall should it be placed? Do we want a large print over the sofa or a grouping of smaller prints all the same size and placed evenly in between each other?

All the factors are to be thought out and once they are decided we are ready to hang the art.

Tips for Choosing the Right Living Room wall art

  1. Review the interior design plan first
  2. Cleary envision and understand the theme for the wall art for the living room
  3. Keep in mind the color scheme of the living room
  4. Analyze the light and lighting in the living room before hanging the wall art for the living room
  5. Be sure the modern wall art for the living room reflects the emotion that you want for the living room
  6. Thoroughly research the subject matter before buying modern pictures for the living room.
  7. The art for the living room should reflect simplicity. elegance and be low key
  8. The wall art for the living room should not be overpowering or of a jarring nature
  9. The wall art for the living room should reflect the beauty
  10. Negative subject matter should be avoided

What Makes Black and White Art for the Living Room So Special?

Bald Eagle Artwork in home

Black and white wall art for the living room can be a wonderful choice. It works out well as a decorating theme for many reasons. There is no other color pallet choice that is as direct as black and white. Black drawing or painting on a white background shows off reality exactly as it is. Think of the decades of black and white movies that we have all seen. Were we confused by the use of black and white? No way! In fact we probably understood the film better because it was filmed in black and white. It left no room for confusion as to what was being shown in a film.

This is exactly how a black and white pallet works for a living room. When we use black and white for our wall art for the living room it does a lot for us. For starters using black and white art will not clash with any of the other colors, patterns, surfaces and textures in the room.

Why Wildlife Pictures are Good for Living Room?


Wildlife pictures and fine art prints can do wonders for wall art in the living room. These animals bring beauty and emotion into the living room. For example, if you want to have excitement and action in the room you can have modern pictures for the living room that show horses running or fighting. Or if you want instead a peaceful feeling you can show horses walking in the water at sunrise.

Any feeling or emotion that you may want to show in wall art for the living room can be found in our animal prints. Another reason for wildlife pictures on the walls is that they are beautiful and the animals are photographed in their natural environments and this makes for wonderful living room wall art.

We bring the natural world of wildlife from the outdoors indoors when we choose to use modern pictures for the living rooms.