Where do we begin? The question is, “what can I put on the office wall?” The answer is almost any kind of art, such as fine art (original paintings, drawings, and photographs). This is the highest level of art and is an exclusive purchase that keeps its value. The basic idea about office wall art is to connect to your clients via the artist’s vision. A black and white modern office wall art create a calm environment. By showing the fine art of wildlife animal pictures,  you can show your passion, such as the power of the lion, the arctic wolf struggle for outliving, and the loyalty of horses.

modern office wall art horse print
white owl pictures
Horse Portrait Photography Print
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It is also important to consider the location for the art and the wall art decor and the physical size and space of your office. Is it one room only or a suite that takes up an entire floor or several floors? If you must consider only one wall size for a room in an office, your thoughts may stray to a more personal art statement.

However, if your office space is an entire floor or even several floors, you may prefer decorating with a theme for your entire art program when you shop. But, if your business focuses on a particular industry or a specific client, you may wish to show through the art program examples of what you have done for that industry through images of their products.


If your client is an auto manufacturer, your wall art may reflect images of cars. If the client is a food producer, you may want to show images of food products through the wall decor. This allows you to send a message to a client and the world.

We must keep in mind that the size of art selected and the wall art decor must work for our firm’s interest and complement the rooms. All wall decors should make a statement of what our firm stands for and convey our strength and professionalism to a client. We must make a strong, lasting impression through the office wall art even if we are decorating one room.

Office Wall Art Singulart

Office wall art singulart is an interesting rather recent business concept created to enable creators to display their artwork for sale. The idea is to bring fairly new and up-and-coming artists and their artwork to the attention of a global public. All genres of art considered contemporary are featured for our customers.

It was launched in 2017 in Paris, France, by three entrepreneurs. It is an online art gallery that presents exhibits of its artist’s work and Singulart Magazine.

This site features paintings, photographs, and sculptures of 10,300 artists from eighty countries. It also arranges sales of their artist’s works by acting as an intermediary manager for the customer and the artist; their success is due to the fact that they work very closely with both parties negotiating a sale.

They charge a 45% commission for this service. It is very convenient to shop, purchase art and pay for shipping with just one click.

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Modern Office Wall Art Trends

Aside from current modern wall art trends, artists must focus on the latest fashion in wall art. Are we in a period where color wall art is important, or is black and white preferred? Is it necessary to have a theme? Think about this before you decide which current trends your wall art will reflect.

However, your focus should be this art expressing the true meaning of my firm. Am I reaching my audience?

What are the Types of Office Art?

Office wall art is an important consideration as it turns a functional working space into an interesting, attractive interior. There are many styles of wall art to choose from colorful canvases, paintings, fine art photography, written words, and art with a theme.

Colorful canvas paintings bring light and excitement into an office. Fine Art Photography makes a strong statement that lifts the spirit of an interior with originality. Written words literally spell out a message. “Teamwork Wins” is a good example. Theme Art can capture a specific mood and control a viewer’s interest.

The options are endless for you to choose from.

modern office wall art

How Do I Choose Office Art?

We start off thinking with a goal in mind. For example, do you want to impress your clients, or do you want to motivate your employees? Whichever you choose, you must keep in mind that you are in business, so aim to captivate your client. A good way to do this is to make a good first impression of the art. This will encourage small talk.

If you want the art to be motivational for the employees, discuss with them their ideas. What themes would they like to see on the walls? What moods would they like to see in the art? Their input is a major consideration.

Where Should Art be Placed in an Office?

If you have a limited art budget, it should be used wisely. The most dramatic and expensive art should be in the lobby or conference room. Less expensive art is for hallways and employee offices. Due to the expense involved, you may prefer to rent rather than buy the art; this can be arranged to be monthly or annually.

Both in the lobby and the board room, the art should be placed where you notice it when you enter the room. It should be placed here to impress and hopefully dazzle the client.

There are some general considerations to keep in mind before hanging the art. Do you want to create a particular mood (peace, excitement, relaxation.?) Is it important to have color reflected in the art? Always place the art where it is noticed the most in any location. It may be behind a desk, above a sofa or a mantle.

Wall Decor that Makes your Office a Pleasant Environment.

cute Baby Horse wall art in dining room

By incorporating wall decor, your office environment will totally change from a strict work environment to an appreciated, 

Welcoming interior. This is very important as the office will now become a place where employees will want to come to work. This will encourage a positive attitude conducive to a more productive, efficient worker.

Phycologists have studied how not being in the office due to the pandemic has affected employees. Some have preferred working at home, but others want to be back in the office. “I miss being in the office” has become a common phrase today as they view their office as their second home. You can be sure that their office decor plays into this.

What type of art should one put on their office wall?

There are several rules here. First, the art must clearly define your firm and what its function is through the art statement. Second, it should be attractive, pleasing, and if required provocative. Do you want the art to entice and impress your client?

Once this is decided you are better prepared to focus on the specific art. Sometimes an interior designer is called in to help make this decision.

How do wall art colors affect employees?

Experts in color theory and psychology have analyzed this subject. Below is a brief synopsis of office colors and their effects on employees. Blue stimulates creativity and productivity. Green is inviting and reassuring. Yellow should be strong and paired with neutrals. Red should be avoided as it indicates urgency and stress. Different colors of the same tone and value promote a cheerful office environment.

Art in the office and modern times.

Today's office art must be very carefully considered. It should define the purpose of a company and create a pleasant environment for the employees.

It should also appear as modern office art and contemporary.

Difference between office wall art and home decor.

The purpose of home decor is to beautify the interior of your home, considering your feelings and taste. Its function is to please you and reflect your personality.

The function of office wall art is to make a clear statement of what your company is while creating a friendly, productive environment for employees.