Pictures of Mustang Horses

Pictures of Mustang Horses | “Heaven Is On Earth”

Nothing says “American freedom” like a wild mustang horse. These proud and powerful animals have been roaming the plains and mountains of our great country for centuries, and have come to symbolize the spirit of independence that is so core to our national identity.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful piece of art to hang in your home or office, or you’re searching for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person in your life, a picture of mustang horses is sure to please. At Ejaz Khan Earth, we have a wide selection of mustang horse photos to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs.


Pictures of Mustang Horses | “Heaven Is On Earth”


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Pictures of Mustang Horses

Mustangs are synonymous with freedom and empowerment in American society. These free-roaming horses were brought to America by the Spanish and have firmly planted themselves in our hearts and culture. Mustangs are owned by no humans, they live off the earth and have been admired for centuries. Pictures of mustangs in the wild have always sparked something in people. These horses living in their rugged habitat, independent of aid from anyone, is an inspirational sight. Mustang horses pictures give us an account of their lives and tell us their story.

There is an undeniable appeal to the aesthetic of horses running wild. We romanticize mustang horses pictures because of this. The Wild West has been associated with these beautiful animals and the duo has been a symbol of the spirit of America. Perhaps it is because we rarely see other traditional farm animals thriving alone in the wild, that we are so impressed by horses. Mustang horses pictures deliver this spirit of independence and survival to whoever views them. These mustang pictures will do just that and are the best way to capture a bit of that spirit in your home.

Mustang Horse Art

People have been in love with horses for eons. Most of us probably fell in love with a picture or video of a horse. Americans especially love wild horses, and love decorating their spaces with mustang horse art. Mustangs possess an almost mythical quality about them. Like real life fairytale champions, mustangs embody bravery, excitement, freedom, and romance.

Many artists strive to incorporate these qualities into their work or invoke them in their audience. Somehow, mustang pictures achieve this without really trying. Pictures of mustangs in the wild might be so inspiring and emotional because they remind us of a time long gone. The vanishing Wild West that gave birth to this country through its struggles is quickly being forgotten. However, some of its inhabitants are here to stay and remind us of our story through mustang horse art.

Black and White Mustang Horse Pictures

A powerful way to tap into this beautiful spirit is through black and white mustang horse pictures. Black and white photography is a powerful medium to share a story or emotions through, as one can only focus on the subject. Without distractions, the viewer is made to take in the nuances of the art itself. Pictures of a mustang horse are excellent candidates for black and white photography for this reason.

Aside from their obvious displays of strength and power, they embody the nuances of American life. You wouldn’t expect much from black and white mustang horse pictures but there’s definitely a grip they have on us. A pic of a mustang horse might not say much at first glance, but as we look for longer we might see a piece of ourselves in it. When we were younger we felt as free and spirited as that mustang. Just like America, we were forced to grow up and abandon some of our rougher edges.

Buying Art of a mustang horse?

We started to feel less like that mustang and more like our parents. Yet there in these black and white mustang horse pictures that part of you still exists. Unchanged, unbothered, and forever young. Pictures of a mustang horse remind us that it’s still possible and that that inner child still lives tucked away like the wild horses. Buying a pic of a mustang horse is the best way to channel these emotions into your home. What you surround yourself with is what you remind yourself of, and we all deserve to feel wild and free again.

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