Horse Racing

Horse Racing

What is horse racing? Horse racing is considered a sport where two or more horses compete to see who will arrive first at a specific destination. The first to arrive at the finish line is determined to be the winner. The horses may have a rider (jockey) or not. It is also possible that the …

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girls playing EQUESTRIAN POLO

Equestrian Polo

Definition of equestrian polo Equestrian polo today is a game played on a grassy field on horseback between two teams of four players. Each player has a flexible mallet which is used to hit a ball that is on the ground so that it passes through two goal posts to score a point. The ball …

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Coffee Table books

Coffee Table books

Coffee table books are no longer a novelty today as they were in the past. These days coffee table books cover every topic you can imagine. However, that was not always the case. Throughout most of history they did not exist as books and were printed only to be entertainment, on interesting subjects and read. …

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horse portrait bedroom wall art ideas

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs Ideas

If you’re trying to decorate your home to feel more like your own, you may have difficulty knowing where to start. Many people love luxurious master bedroom design ideas for their homes, complete with a marble fireplace, accent walls, decorative pillows, hanging pendant lights, crown molding, ambient lighting, and lush greenery. Those are just some …

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western cowboys print on wall

Is Fashion the leader of trends?

Trends eventually do become fashion. But, the question is how and to what degree? Trends evolve from many sources. The most influential one is how society changes. And this is complex as society changes every day! The meaning of Trends Every company that designs products (cars, appliances, clothing, etc.) must start by researching. Millions of …

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