Hudson Valley Art movement

The Hudson River Valley Art Movement: A Journey Through Time and Landscape

Introduction In the early 19th century, a new art movement began to gain prominence in America. Known as The Hudson River Valley Art Movement, it emerged as a unique reflection of the American spirit, capturing the untouched beauty and awe-inspiring grandeur of the land. This blog post aims to delve deep into the origins, history, …

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How to prevent horse slaughter

How to prevent horse slaughter

The history of horse slaughter We know from cave paintings in Europe and throughout the world that hunting horses for slaughter has always existed. Man relied on horse meat to be able to eat as they were an easily available commodity. Sadly through to today this is still the case. The United States has some …

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Appaloosa horse

History of The Appaloosa horse

The history of the Appaloosa horse is simply fascinating. We know that it was known to primitive man through cave paintings discovered in France and other European locations. The ancient Greeks and Persians have referred to them in ancient writings from the eleven and twelve hundreds. Because of this breeds spotted coat we are assured …

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Equestrian Vaulting

 Equestrian Vaulting

What is equestrian vaulting? Equestrian Vaulting (also known as Vaulting) is a combination of both athletic and dance movements performed on a moving horse by both men and women. We usually see it being performed at the circus. The history of equestrian vaulting Equestrian vaulting has a rich, fascinating history that dates back two thousand …

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Horse Racing

Horse Racing

What is horse racing? Horse racing is considered a sport where two or more horses compete to see who will arrive first at a specific destination. The first to arrive at the finish line is determined to be the winner. The horses may have a rider (jockey) or not. It is also possible that the …

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girls playing EQUESTRIAN POLO

Equestrian Polo

Definition of equestrian polo Equestrian polo today is a game played on a grassy field on horseback between two teams of four players. Each player has a flexible mallet which is used to hit a ball that is on the ground so that it passes through two goal posts to score a point. The ball …

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