7 Bedroom Wall Art Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Master bedroom art

Have you made a big mistake by overcrowding the master bedroom with art? Below are seven bedroom wall art ideas to help you transform the bedroom into your dream room.

Many people don’t know what to do with the blank space behind the headboard of their bed. Some decide to move the bed, but that means moving all your furniture to put it in. There is a better alternative that allows you to take advantage of unused space and also have decoration in your bedroom.

Personal style

When it comes to bedroom wall art, your personal style should be the main factor in deciding what kind of artwork you want to display. Consider the overall aesthetic of the room and try to find pieces that match or complement this look. Whether you prefer abstract designs, bright colors, simple black and white photographs, or something in between, there is an artwork that will fit into your vision for the perfect bedroom.

Gallery wall

If you have multiple pieces of artwork that you want to display, consider creating a gallery wall. This is an effective way to fill up otherwise blank space and show off your favorite art pieces. A gallery wall can be as small or large as you would like, and it can feature the same type of artwork or different styles. If you are having trouble deciding what to include, you can always choose one theme and use a mix of different pieces to create the look.


Wallpaper is a great way to add texture and dimension to the bedroom. Whether you go for a subtle pattern or something more daring, wallpaper can bring life and interest to a master bedroom. If you are having trouble deciding on wallpaper, consider choosing a design that coordinates with the artwork that you’ve chosen to display.


If you are looking for something truly unique, consider adding a mural to your bedroom wall. Murals can be anything from a cityscape or landscape scene to abstract designs and patterns. No matter what kind of mural you choose, it is sure to be the centerpiece of the room.

3D art 3D art is perfect for people who are looking to make a bold, dramatic statement in their master bedroom. 3D wall art can be anything from sculptural pieces to wall-mounted reliefs and abstract designs. This type of artwork adds visual interest and texture to the room, making it look more artistic and unique.


Mirrors are a classic option when it comes to bedroom wall art. Not only do they reflect light to make the room brighter and give it a sense of openness, but they can also be used as decorative pieces. Whether you opt for an ornate, vintage-style mirror or a contemporary one with geometric shapes, mirrors always add a touch of sophistication to the bedroom.

Canvas prints

Finally, canvas prints are an easy and affordable way to add artwork to the bedroom. Whether you choose a single large print or several smaller ones, they can instantly transform a room. Look for prints that feature calming colors and patterns, as these will be perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in the master bedroom.

Personal touch

When it comes to bedroom wall art, adding your own personal touch is a great way to make the space feel like it truly belongs to you. Consider framing old family photos or sentimental artwork, such as paintings from your travels or sketches from your childhood. Displaying items that have special meaning to you will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the master bedroom. You can also add small decorations around the artwork, such as plants or sculptures, to complete the look.

7 ways to Make Your Bedroom Wall Art Stand Out

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs Ideas

Hanging beautiful wall art on the walls of your bedroom can have a dramatic effect on the room. You don’t have to be a professional artist to create your wall art. You can do the same by following a few easy steps and ideas. Below are some tips and bedroom wall art ideas to get started.

1. Choose a theme for your bedroom wall art

The secret to making your bedroom wall art look fantastic is having a theme for your interior design. The decisions regarding the theme will direct you to select the right decor and art for your bedroom. Following the information in your plan will give you a more explicit focus when making choices for your bedroom.

2. Choose art that reflects your personality and style

You must choose the art that speaks to your nature. It can be of any subject as long as it reflects your emotional connection.

It can be anything that you really love. Perhaps it’s nature or wildlife, past vacations, or your children. The wall chosen for this should be across from where you sleep so that you see it as soon as you wake up.

3. Hang artwork at different heights to create visual interest

bedroomm wall art at different height with plants

Identically framed small artwork evenly spaced apart at eye level for the entire length of a blank wall will create an unforgettable viewing experience. The small art forces the viewer to see it close up, and it makes a lasting impression

When our art is hung at different heights, it often creates a gallery wall in our bedroom. This is an exciting and inviting concept. The art you want to be noticed the most should always be at eye level and not too large. It can be hung randomly, making the art more interesting to view.

4. Group similar pieces to create a cohesive look

group similar art bedroom wall art ideas

Grouping together art that is theme-related is always appreciated. People love art that tells a story, and hanging similar art fairly close together confirms the story. The stories could be about anything. How monkeys live in the wild, beautiful photographs of waterfalls, or even your family at different family celebrations. You will surely capture your guest’s attention as they will appreciate any exciting story told through art.

5. Use Black and White Art for Excellent Contrast


Choosing only black and white art always provides an excellent contrast in any room between the art and the room’s colored decor. This black-and-white art is always clear, direct, and eye-catching, thus transforming your space.

6. Use mirrors to reflect light and add depth to the room

bedroom wall art shining by mirror reflection

The fastest way to ensure that your bedroom walls stand out is by hanging several equal-sized mirrors between the artwork. This will naturally bring more interest and light into any bedroom. Also, if the room is small, the mirrors always make it appear larger, making it stand out.

7. Add plants or flowers to bring life to the space

arctic fox wall art in bedroom with plants

Plants and flowers always add to any bedroom. Bringing nature into any room will always inject life into the room. A large beautiful plant in a bedroom gives a different feeling to a room. To provide the bedroom with originality and make it stand out, include flowers or a plant in this room. You can have several small plants individually on bedside tables or window sills if you prefer.

Bedroom wall decor ideas

Bedroom wall decor ideas can really help to give your bedroom a makeover. There are a variety of ways to decorate the walls with artwork, mirrors, plants and flowers. Here are some ideas that will help you create a cozy and inviting environment in your bedroom:

1. Wall Art: Choose art that reflects your personality and style. Hang artwork at different heights to create visual interest. Group similar pieces together to create a cohesive look.

2. Mirrors: Use mirrors to reflect light and add depth to the room. Place mirrors strategically on different walls to create an interesting focal point.

3. Plants & Flowers: Add plants or flowers to bring life to the space. Incorporate hanging plants, potted plants, and fresh cut flowers as decorative accents.

4. Wallpaper: Choose wallpaper that reflects your style and personality. Use it to create a feature wall or to cover the entire room in an interesting pattern.

5. Lighting: Use lighting to add ambiance and set the mood in the room. Choose from string lights, chandeliers, table lamps, and floor lamps to light up the room in a unique way .

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White Walls

White walls can be an excellent way to bring a clean and fresh look to your master bedroom. You don’t need expensive artwork to make it look beautiful, as white walls can create a wonderful backdrop for any bedroom. The key is to add texture and depth with some colorful accents, like throw pillows or rugs, to create an inviting atmosphere. If you want a modern and stylish look, you can opt for interesting wall art, like abstract prints or minimalist artwork. For a more rustic and cozy vibe, add some framed black-and-white photographs of nature.

How to Position Artwork in Your Bedroom for the Perfect Sleep Environment

Where do we hang the art? Below we have great suggestions for you! Don’t pass up reading them! 

1. Above the bed

Fine Art Horse Photography print on bedroom wall above bed

This is a popular spot for artwork, as it’s one of the first things people see when they enter the room. If the art is not too large, this is an ideal location. Usually, the art will not be more comprehensive than the bed or hung too high.

2. On the wall opposite the bed

This can create a focal point in the room and help balance the space. This wall is perfect for art as it is in front of our eyes when we wake up. Use this wall for your favorite art. If it is a large wall, hang oversized art here.

3. In an alcove or niche

if your bedroom has a little nook or alcove, consider placing art there to use the space. The art should be hung at eye level and centered in the middle of this space. Be sure to leave blank space on each side, above and below the art. The art here is more powerful when centered.

4. Alongside furniture

American Bald Eagle Print in living room above furniture

You can also place art alongside other pieces of furniture in your bedroom, such as nightstands or dressers. This art should not be too large. When it is small, it is noticed more and has more meaning. It should not be hung too high up.

5. In front of a window


if you have a lot of natural light in your bedroom, consider hanging art across from the window to take advantage of it. This will accent the art on sunny days and be a welcome addition to the bedroom.

6. On a dresser or nightstand

Here the art should always be small and framed as the space is limited. The colors in this art should be quiet and not loud or brash. It should be art that fosters rest and peace.

7. In a corner

This spot can be tricky. However, rather than hanging two separate framed pieces of artwork, hang just one at eye level. A mirror hangs on the wall opposite this, precisely across from the art. The mirror gives the illusion that you have hung “twin” art and adds an original novel element to the bedroom.

9. Symmetry

This is a timeless classic treatment. It works and captures interest on any wall in the bedroom. The art itself should not be too big because if it is, it will diminish the effect of the symmetry.

10. On one or two walls

bedroom wall art ideas

We must take into consideration the size of the bedroom. If it is small, it is better to have just one fine art print. But if the room is medium or oversized, we can consider two or several pieces of artwork. It is an excellent decision to keep the art similar in subject matter and of a muted or downtoned nature. By doing this, none of the art will overpower the viewer.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are a great way to create a tranquil and soothing atmosphere in your master bedroom. Opt for muted shades like beige, gray, ivory, taupe, or white and use them throughout the room. Neutral walls can provide a blank canvas that allows you to layer with accent colors and artwork. If you want to add some texture and interest to your walls, choose neutral -colored wall art that has a unique design, like abstract prints or natural photography.

Pop of color

Pop of color is a great way to bring life into your master bedroom. Adding a bright, bold color to an otherwise neutral room can have a dramatic effect and create an inviting atmosphere. Consider adding a few colorful accents such as throw pillows or blankets in your favorite shades, along with vibrant artwork to the walls. For artwork, look for pieces that feature bright colors as well as interesting shapes and patterns.

Warm colors

Warm colors are a wonderful way to bring warmth, energy, and positivity into your master bedroom. These colors include hues like yellow, orange, red, salmon, peach, and coral. These shades can be used to create an inviting atmosphere in the bedroom and brighten up any space. You can opt for a warm color palette on the walls or keep them neutral and rely on artwork to bring in the warm tones. Look for art that features warm colors and interesting shapes or patterns to add interest to the room.

Statement Piece

Statement pieces are a great way to add drama and interest to any room, including the master bedroom. Statement pieces of art can be large in scale and bold in color, making them stand out from the rest of the décor. These pieces should also have some kind of unique quality that captures your attention and draws you in for a closer look. When selecting statement artwork for your bedroom, look for pieces that have strong lines, interesting shapes, and bold colors.

Art photography prints

Art photography prints can make for a stunning addition to any master bedroom. Art photography prints often feature beautiful, unique landscapes and scenes that evoke a sense of calmness and peace. From the wild outdoors to urban cityscapes, these types of prints will bring a touch of nature into your bedroom and create an atmosphere of serenity. Choose art photography prints in muted colors like blue, grey , and white for a calming effect.

Accent walls

Accent walls are a great way to bring a unique and eye-catching touch to your master bedroom. Accent walls can be used to create visual interest or to highlight architectural features in the room, like a fireplace or an alcove. You can use wallpaper, stencils, paint, wood paneling, fabric wall hangings, or even tiles to create an accent wall.

Statement headboard

A statement headboard is a great way to create a bold and dramatic focal point in your master bedroom. A statement headboard will draw the eye and make an impact that will last. Consider using oversized art prints, mirrors, or tapestries to create the perfect statement headboard. Choose designs that are striking and full of personality for an unforgettable look.

Variety of sizes

A variety of sizes is important when selecting artwork for your master bedroom. Choosing works in different sizes will add depth and interest to the room and create a balanced look. Consider incorporating some smaller pieces of art with larger statement pieces to create an eclectic arrangement that reflects your personal style. If you’re creating a gallery wall, try mixing up the sizes and shapes of the frames for an unexpected touch.

lighter shades

Lighter shades can also be used to add a sense of airiness and serenity to the master bedroom. Soft pastels, such as lavender, mint green, baby blue, and light yellow, will help create a calming atmosphere in the room. These hues can be used on the walls or incorporated through artwork for a subtle pop of color. For artwork featuring lighter shades, look for pieces that have delicate lines, soft shapes, and muted tones.

Sense of calm

Creating a sense of calm in the master bedroom is essential for a peaceful and restful space. To achieve this, look for artwork that features soft colors, gentle lines, and simple patterns. Artwork with natural themes, such as landscapes or seascapes, can also evoke feelings of tranquility and relaxation. For a more abstract approach, consider pieces that feature muted tones and subtle shapes like circles , curves, and ovals.

Botanical print

Botanical prints are a great way to bring a bit of nature into your master bedroom. These prints range from detailed black-and-white drawings to colorful abstracts that feature bright hues and unique shapes. Botanical prints can create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom, while still providing visual interest and texture. For a more subtle look, choose botanical prints with soft colors like pale greens or blues; for a bolder look, opt for prints with brighter hues.

Playful touch

A playful touch can be added to any master bedroom with the use of art prints. Bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs can be used to create an upbeat atmosphere in the room. Look for vibrant abstracts with sharp lines and playful shapes, or illustrations of animals or characters that will add a fun element to your décor. Playful wall hangings like tapestries, flags, or banners can also be used to create a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

Sweet dreams sign

A sweet dreams sign is a great way to add a touch of charm and whimsy to your master bedroom. Sweet Dreams signs come in various styles, including vintage-inspired calligraphy prints, hand-painted wood signs, and metal wall hangings. These signs can be used as subtle reminders to take time for restful sleep or simply as an expression of hope for sweet dreams. Sweet dream signs can also be used to add an extra layer of texture and personality to the room.

Sense of refinement

A sense of refinement can be achieved in the master bedroom through the use of artwork that features sophisticated designs and materials. Choose pieces with elegant details like gold leaf, textured canvas, and ornate frames for an upscale look. Look for artwork that has a timeless quality, such as oil paintings or black and white photographs that will stand the test of time. For a more modern approach, opt for artwork with clean lines and geometric shapes.

No matter what type of artwork you choose, make sure it reflects your unique style and taste. Incorporating artwork into the master bedroom will help create a beautiful and inviting space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Stylish sanctuary

Creating a stylish sanctuary in your master bedroom is easy with the right artwork. Choose pieces that feature bold colors and contemporary designs to bring a sense of sophistication and luxury to the room. Look for artwork that uses a variety of materials such as metal, wood, glass, and ceramic for an upscale look. Geometric designs, abstracts, and modern sculptures are all great options for adding style to the room. With a little bit of creativity and a few pieces of artwork, you can transform your master bedroom into a stylish sanctuary.

Eye-catching piece

An eye-catching piece of artwork is the perfect way to add interest and personality to any master bedroom. Look for pieces with bright colors, bold patterns, and unique textures that will stand out in the room. For a more contemporary look, choose abstracts and modern sculptures that incorporate vibrant hues and interesting shapes. For a classic touch, consider adding a timeless oil painting or a vintage photograph. No matter what type of artwork you choose, make sure it reflects your personal style and adds an eye-catching touch to your master bedroom.


We hope that we have solved how to tackle any problems regarding bedroom decor. The art you select, how and where to place and hang it in our bedrooms, and why is essential to understand. Please let us know if we have answered your questions.

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