Join us for a special exhibition showcasing the stunning photography of artist and filmmaker Ejaz Khan. If you wish to purchase any of the artwork, please contact us at 917-776-6009 or ejaz@ejazkhanphotography.com

ON DISPLAY: MAY 11th – JULY 12TH 2023

LOCATION: Anderson Contemporary 180 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038

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About the Show

FLUIDITY: An Exploration of Spirituality in Water

Together, these three artists create a harmonious and immersive experience that invites the viewer to delve into the elemental depths of water and emerge transformed.

Horse Gallery

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About Ejaz Khan


As a fashion photographer, Ejaz Khan captured stunning editorials for prestigious magazines like Vogue, Twill, and Noise, among others. However, a personal tragedy compelled him to escape the relentless pace of New York’s fashion scene and seek solitude in the serene landscapes of Alaska. It was there, amid the tranquility of nature and the presence of wildlife, that he found peace and a renewed sense of purpose. Enchanted by this new world, Ejaz returned to New York with a dual focus: to continue his career in fashion photography and to explore the untamed beauty of wildlife through fine art photography.

Ejaz Khan’s photographs transcend mere images; they are narratives frozen in time, each inviting the viewer to reflect on the lives of wild beings. Through his lens, we witness the silent stories of nature, eloquently captured. From the icy expanses of the North Pole to the diverse landscapes of Chile, Ejaz has traversed the globe to capture the breathtaking beauty of our natural world. Ejaz believes that by revealing the breathtaking beauty of our world and the diverse wildlife that inhabits it, he can inspire a profound love and respect for our planet. His hope is that through his photography, people will not only fall in love with the Earth but also be moved to protect and preserve it for future generations.