10 reasons why fine art prints are good for city apartments

When choosing wildlife art for your city apartment, there are many reasons why a fine art print of nature is an excellent choice. Primarily, you should choose prints from collections because they are both attractive and creative. In addition, these pieces are available in various sizes to suit your needs and will add an artistic touch to any area of your apartment whether it be an entryway or living room!

What are fine art prints?

You need to understand exactly what fine art prints are before choosing them for your apartment. A fine art print is different from a photographed print. It is a preconceived image that a photographer-artist has imagined. The photographer will then go to the environment of his subject in order to observe its way of life. Once it has studied the subject the photographer will observe closely its habits and then wait for the right moment to start photographing. This is the only way to turn the photographer’s image into an actual art print.

Once the photograph has been taken it is ready to begin the actual technical process of becoming a wildlife fine art photography print. The difference between a photographic print and a fine art print is the paper and the ink that is used to make the fine art print.

A high-quality art paper has no acid content and will produce true-to-life color that will never fade. The pigment-based inks used are of the highest caliber. This print will also be sturdy and remain in top-notch condition for decades. The paper is made with cotton and has a matt finish. This finish gives an elegant look to the print.

Why are wildlife fine art prints good for city apartment decor?


For the most part, apartments take the place of a traditional home. They are usually smaller and more compact than a house. This makes them perfect for wildlife fine art prints. You may want a print in every room? This will make a great interior design theme for your apartment. Let’s get started:

  • The Entryway. Here you should select a print or series of prints that evoke a welcoming feeling. One or several small framed prints of birds might be ideal. Prints of baby bears or foxes might also work. If you have a pet you might consider several images of your pet. All of these can make the entrance to your city apartment fun and friendly.
  • The Living Room. The artwork for this room requires more thought. You should first decide what emotion you wish to convey here. Do you want excitement, peace, or a subdued mood to be reflected? Whatever the mood may be, we have wildlife prints that are sure to please you. If excitement is your choice you may decide on a large print of wild horses in combat or a puma on the hunt. Should you want to reflect peace perhaps a mare caring for her foal might do? And if you want to reflect a subdued mood maybe a flock of birds in flight across the sky will work?

The intention here is to make a bold statement in this room in particular, which will establish your interior design plan for the entire city apartment.

FLAMINGO art IN city apartment DINING ROOM
  • The Dining Room. This room also requires thoughtful consideration as much time is spent here. The mood of this room should be an extension of what you have chosen for the living room. If the theme in the living room is subdued you may want a print of flamingos perched in the water. Should your theme be excitement then you might consider foxes hunting for prey.
  • The Den or Family Room. This room should express leisure and fun. It’s where the family retreats to relax. A print of horses grazing or baby monkeys playing would be a good choice
  • The Master Bedroom. This is a room where you can consider a large print, which is usually centered over the bed. The print will dominate the room and should reflect the emotion you want to convey. Do you want a relaxing pastoral scene such as fox cubs playing or an exciting statement of muskox fighting?
  • The Guest Room. This room should express peace and relaxation. A fine art print or a series of framed related prints should be considered here. A scene of birds flying or flamingos nestled together would be ideal.

Whatever you should decide on regarding the selection of fine art prints you can be sure that they will attract attention and receive praise. Fine art prints are original, limited to twenty in number, and signed by the artist. They are considered to be a good investment that will not decrease in value.

They should be at the very top of your list when deciding on an art program for your city apartment. If your intention is to have a beautiful original apartment then wildlife fine art prints are for you.

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