10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

By incorporating animal print home decor into your home decor design, you can easily add a wild touch of style to any space. From cheetah and zebra patterns to other eye-catching options, these versatile print designs provide the perfect opportunity for unleashing your inner wild side while creating an impressive interior atmosphere. If that sounds appealing then this blog post is just what you need, it offers 10 inspiring ideas on how best to mix and match different types of animal print decorations in order to make unique personalized arrangements!

Short Summary

  • Elevate your space with Animal Print Rugs
  • Create a wild look with Chic Cheetah Print Accents and make bold statements using Zesty Zebra Furniture
  • Add timeless animal print home decor touches to decor elements by mixing & matching different animal prints, and create an inviting atmosphere with Animal Print Color Schemes.
10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas
10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Elevating Your Space with Animal Print Rugs

Animal print rugs make an amazing addition to any room, adding just a hint more of warmth and flare without going overboard. Zebra print has become especially popular due to its neutrality in most decorating styles, but faux zebra skins or animal hides can also add character as well. If you want your living space to feel fresh while maintaining the boldness that comes with leopard prints and other such designs, then consider introducing different patterns through items like pillows or linen covers blend them all together on wallpaper for even more pizzazz! For something extra special try pairing these fun pieces with matching metallic accents for added flair, it really helps create a unique look that reflects your personal style perfectly.

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Chic Cheetah Print Accents

Adding character and a dose of luxury to your interior, animal print home decor is effortless with chic cheetah prints, like pillows, furnishings or wallpaper. As an example, in the living room, you can see Fortuny-fabric throw cushions adorned with animal print that bring out the best features on a sofa draped in Claremont material.

When including these types of animal patterns as neutrals, you should consider repeating the same design many times while mixing it up through colors, structures, and textures. To incorporate just a slight touch of this type of style into your internal space contemplate utilizing subtle details such as other colors such as pale blue zebra stripes for instance.

For those willing to take risks, why not try out wild sophistication by using bolder decorative items, such as one entire cheetah printed couch. But if what you’re looking for are less dramatic results, some modest accents might do wonders too – think about throw pillows featuring certain elements from “this side of things”… Experimenting with animal print home decor will help figure out how much impact anything could have around a particular room!

Zesty Zebra Print Furniture

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas
10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

To create a vibrant animal print home decor dynamic space that reflects your style with zebra print furniture, try incorporating it into the interior design. An accent chair in Clarence House’s animal-inspired color scheme is one example of how to make an eye-catching addition to a living room or any other area. Alternatively, you could place vintage tables dressed up in neutral snakeskin tones for a unique and fun atmosphere with vintage tables.

When playing around with different prints at once, remember they need to be on the same scale so as not to disrupt its cohesion throughout the entire room. Thus when ready unleash your wild side by making bold statements with animal print home decor like these!

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas
10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Luxurious Leopard Print Textiles

Animal print is an ideal choice for making any space more luxurious. In this bedroom, the walls feature bold botanical prints while a canopy bed offers bright orange and white pillows. To stylish zebra-print stools at its foot. Leopard and zebra print rug, can also be featured on daybeds with cashmere throws draped over them creating both comfort and opulence as well as visual interest when mixed and matched with other patterns or textures. Incorporating leopard textiles into furniture pieces allows you to create a truly unique yet elegant style that will elevate your decor like nothing else!

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Snazzy Snakeskin Patterns

For a sophisticated and classic twist on traditional animal print home decor, you may want to consider introducing snazzy snakeskin patterns into your decor. These types of patterns look great when combined with neutral tones such as beige or taupe, making them an incredibly versatile option that can suit any space.

A modern approach to zebra print could consist of more subtle charcoal hues and small hints of black, this will highlight the unique attributes in the pattern rather than taking away from its vibrancy overall. This method results in a sleek but still wild aesthetic which can really change up your interior for something that feels fresh and new!

No matter what application you decide is best – wallpaper, upholstery or simply accent pieces around the room – these chic designs add an unexpected yet stylish vibe to whatever area they’re incorporated in. So why not take advantage of animal print home decor and explore how featuring creative snakeskin prints might just transform your living space?

Rustic Cowhide Decor Elements

To establish a cozy and laid-back ambiance in your space, decorate it with rustic cowhide elements like furniture or rugs. For instance, you could lay out an eye-catching rug on the floor of your bedroom that pairs gold and yellow accents to make a bold statement.

Vintage hides can also be used for interior design purposes to add charm, such as placing an animal figurine onto the nightstand for some nature vibes!

Cowhide items are ideal when wanting to create inviting spaces full of character, so if a comfortable atmosphere is what you desire, then look into incorporating rustic cowhide pieces into your home décor.

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Mixing and Matching Animal Prints

It can be exciting to combine various animal print home decor and motifs in order to form an interesting, unique interior design. Playing around with patterns like changing the size of them is a great way for you to really showcase your personal style while achieving this vibrant look. Unleash your creativity and go wild with mixing patterns of these together! It will definitely make any living space stand out from the rest.

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

Letting different animal print home decor come into play within one palette allows alluring combinations that create fun spaces – just don’t forget about playing with shapes when combining pieces of art together! With some careful consideration, designers are able to carefully curate distinct designs using only animals as their muse! Don’t be scared of experimenting. It’s worth trying something new after all, even if it doesn’t always work out right away. Who knows what kind of creative results may occur?

Subtle Animal Print Details

For an understated design touch, try introducing subtle animal print home decor elements like throw pillows or artwork to your space. For instance, a pillow with a pale blue zebra striped pattern could add the perfect hint of wild style without overpowering any other decor in the room.

To seamlessly combine these prints with traditional ones and create modern visual interest, include colorful accent pieces such as various brightly colored pillows alongside them for an eye-catching mix that is nothing but boring! By sticking to more subdued shades when selecting animal prints, it will be easier for you to incorporate this trend into existing decorations, which makes creating stylish interior designs easy yet impactful.

Animal Print-Inspired Color Schemes

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas

For a cohesive and stylish home, integrating animal print-inspired color schemes is the perfect way to mix warm tones with cooler hues while adding a metallic edge. Neutral snakeskin provides an ideal blend of boldness and subtlety, while Dalmatian colors give off a vibrant but still inviting atmosphere. On top of that, black paired with gold leopard creates an elegant space worth admiring.

Using prints from animals as part of your interior design can help you achieve balance between their patterns and more comforting tints. The result? An eye-catching look which at the same time gives warmth throughout your room! No matter if it’s classic leopard or smooth snakeskin textures that appeal to you the most, making use of this style will create stunning effects in no time.

Try out combining animal print home decor designs for attractive results when decorating a coffee table or any living area. Discover how effectively neutral shades combine together along with daring motifs like zebra fur stripes – all building up into one beautiful place just ready to be enjoyed by everyone around!

10 Inspiring Animal Print Home Decor Interior Design Ideas


Using animal print home decor is a great way to bring some life and style into your space. With everything from bold zebra print furniture, to more subtle details using different types of prints, you can create an atmosphere that expresses your unique personality while making the room stand out with its wild appeal. Furniture pieces such as chairs and tables adorned with striking patterns are perfect for adding the wow factor – or if you’re going for something gentler then smaller touches like pillows featuring sweet critters are ideal! No matter what look you’re striving for, these 10 ideas will help unleash your inner interior designer – so dive right in and let’s get creative!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is animal print home decor still in style?

Animal print home decor has made an enormous comeback in 2021, bringing with it a classic look that can add both character and chicness to any home. It is now being considered by interior designers as a type of neutral pattern which allows for mixing diverse decor styles easily.

Can you mix animal prints decorating?

Yes, you can mix animal prints decorating white walls! Animal prints, with their natural earth tones and repetitive patterns, are easy to blend together according to their similar hues.

Mixing animal prints can be a great way to add texture and interest to a room. You can mix different types of animal prints.

Is leopard print on trend in 2023?

Leopard print is continuing to be a popular trend this Fall season, just as much as marble and checkboard prints. All three styles of printing are in vogue for 22/23 and have kept up with the same print trend.

Is animal print neutral?

Animal prints in neutral tones like brown, black walls beige, tan, black, and white can sometimes be considered neutrals since they are widely used.

What are the benefits of animal print rugs?

Rugs with an animal print design bring a lavish and classy touch to the area while providing it with coziness and feel. They generate a captivating look without dominating the corner of the room, making them perfect for any space.