What is Contemporary Wall Art?

Contemporary wall art is an art that is being created by artists now. It has not been around long enough for it to be attached to any period, date or era as yet. In a sense, all art is originally contemporary. In time the art will eventually be categorized and attached to a specific period (or dates.) It may also be assimilated into a particular art movement attached to that era; these periods are given specific names that usually relate to the “look” of the art. An example of this is the landscape art that appeared in the mid 1800’s known  as “The Hudson River School.”

This contemporary wall art has not been around long enough to have been classified, studied and broken down in accordance with its characteristics simply because it is new. The artists who are creating contemporary wall art are all alive and still working.

Types of Contemporary Art

There are diverse types of art that are today considered contemporary; For the visual arts, we have painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and film that are in the contemporary wall art category. The non wall art areas are new media, live performance, light, sound and installation art.

This contemporary wall art is quite interesting unto itself as it is about ideas and concerns rather than the aesthetic or “look” of the actual artwork These artists experiment with different methods of working and unconventional materials to create their work. 

There is a point here that we should clarify for you “Contemporary Wall Art” “is often referred to as “Modern Art” and “Postmodern Art.” It is important to be aware of this if you are specifically looking for Contemporary Wall Art.

Large Contemporary wall art

Wildlife fine art photography for decor

Here are some facts and figures to keep in mind when considering placing large contemporary wall art on your walls. There are several classic locations for large contemporary wall art: above a sofa, chair, dresser, fireplace or a bed; the art may also be centred on a blank wall.

In general, the placement of the art should take up about two-thirds or three-quarters of the wall space. The favored dimensions for the largest art are seventy two by thirty six inches (this size is prone to warping and sagging:) twenty by twenty four and eleven by fourteen. Approximately forty percent of the wall should be left blank.  A precise calculation can be computed by multiplying the length of the wall space by zero point fifty seven.

How to Choose Contemporary Wall Art?

You have several choices for your art selection. A large canvas painting, a photograph or a print are the most favored. However, creating a gallery wall of varied artwork within the confines of the space calculated for the placement of the art is also a possibility. Too often there’s some confusion over what art to choose; this is complicated due to the large size of the art. A good way to start is with a budget; this can help narrow down your choices.

In order to decide what you may want for your large contemporary wall art refer to the internet. Here you can learn about the wonderful and varied choices that are available. It’s good to keep in mind your personal preferences and what feelings the art brings out in you, as this will be conveyed to the viewer. Should it be a big problem to decide on the exact art you want here’s something to keep in mind. If you have a personal photograph (perhaps a photo you took on vacation) that you love it can be made into a large contemporary wall art print. So, now it’s time to get out there and shop.

Contemporary wall art pictures for the Living room


Many believe that this is the most important room in the house because this is where we congregate and have the most shared experiences as a family. The meaning of this room has become even more important during the pandemic as we are all at home so much more these days. In terms of decor, this room is now in the spotlight. It has become the room where the most changes in interior decoration are taking place.

If your budget doesn’t allow you to spend a lot to redecorate maybe you should consider purchasing a large contemporary canvas, painting or photograph. This decision will make a major statement, create a focal point and dominate the living room; it will give it a new fresh look. There are several things to keep in mind once this decision is made. Above all the art should take into consideration current trends, the color scheme of the room and your personal preferences.

A current trend is termed “liveable luxury.” It features bright white light mixed with natural elements such as wood and plants. Another safe idea is to use the color blue as the dominant element which always has a relaxing feeling to it. Black and white art is always a safe choice if you don’t want to clash with the colors in the room.

 Contemporary wall art pictures for the bedroom

What is Contemporary Wall Art

The bedroom is where we want to go to find rest, relaxation and sleep. The room must have a feeling of tranquility. We should think of it as the room where we can go to destress and chill out. We all need a place where we can just be ourselves and forget our daily routine. It should not have art that is too busy and has too much going on. The colors in the art should never be strong, bold, radiant, or too bright. The art also should not be provocative, loud or of a distracting nature.

Instead, we want art that reflects, rest, relaxation, and peace. The art choice should be of a calming nature. Art which has a subdued quality to it is perfect for this room. Images of a relaxing nature should be considered. The themes for the room on nature and outdoor subjects are perfect. Peaceful landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, beaches and pastoral art are good ideas for this room. Romantic impressionistic paintings and photography are also good candidates. 

Art of a restrained nature featuring muted colors, neutrals, florals, quiet geometric patterns and broad brush strokes are good possible choices. If these suggestions do not appeal to you might prefer art that relates specifically to your ethnicity. Another possible idea might be to select a photograph that you admire. which you have taken and have a print made of it. This is not only original but brings into the room an interesting personal element. The size, dimensions and tasteful framing of the art should take into consideration the overall interior design concept of the room.

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Contemporary wall art pictures for the dining room

mustang pictures for dining room walll art

The dining room is the most overlooked and underestimated room in the house. For some unknown reason, it is always an afterthought when it comes to decor. This is an incorrect idea as it is in reality the second most important room in the house in terms of decor. This is the space where we sit together to enjoy a meal with family and friends. Where we eat is major. We spend several hours a day here as we cannot stop eating.

In general, for most homes we have either two or three eating locations: the dining room, a breakfast room or an island for dining usually in the kitchen. In a breakfast room (which is usually small) we might consider an understated or whimsical wall art treatment that is food related such as colorful fruit or vegetable photos or paintings placed randomly on a wall. This both brighten up as well as makes the room more inviting.

For an island for dining in the kitchen, we might hang an oval rack from the ceiling above the island and hang on it diverse useful kitchen items such as frying pans, pots, metal bowls, ladles and other related kitchen items. This would not only serve as a decorative element, but it would also be functional

How to decor Your kitchen

Now the dining room is often regarded as the hub for the family. Much time and thought must be given here. The wall art for the dining room can successfully be any of the following: a tapestry, a mirror or several mirrors (of the same size and dimensions spaced apart evenly,) a painting using a diverse muted color palette that compliments the colors in the room, or a subtle Fine Art Photography print,  Other possibilities are themes from nature and the outdoors, wildlife, floral and geometric patterns. Favorite posters are also an interesting choice.

In some cases, you may simply consider the wall itself as an interesting backdrop either replacing the art of acting as a complement to the art. Examples of this are a brick wall, a wall fully wallpapered or partially wallpapered or simply a “white on white” treatment.

Before leaving this topic we want to remind you that in everything mentioned here you must decide on the factor of lighting. For some of our suggestions, it can possibly have a great effect on the art as well as the room.      

Easy contemporary wall art pictures

If you want to learn how to create easy wall art pictures even if you have never painted art at all, it can be learned. On the internet, there are many video tutorials that take you to step by step through the learning necessary to create contemporary wall art pictures You will have to set aside time for learning. As with any learning process, you must be committed, follow instructions and above all be patient. 

You must understand beforehand that learning a new skill will not happen overnight. In particular, a skill that explores how to create contemporary wall art does not come easy. You will have to be truly open and committed to even attempt learning to be an artist.

You will begin by learning the vocabulary of art terms from actual artists who teach these skills. The meaning of many techniques must be first studied and then put into actual hands on practice. Of course, at the beginning you will be guided as to how to produce art of a more simple nature; supervised instructions and practising painting will be emphasized here. Keep in mind the saying that “practice makes perfect,” in this case of learning art is particularly true.

Art Visualization is Important

You will be trained to first visualize the subject you wish to paint; several rough sketches should be worked out on paper first. In time they will be analyzed, critiqued and suggestions for improvement will be discussed in order for you to bring your ideas further along. Your focus will now be more targeted, and you will be able to envision your creation in color. Now you can begin to transfer your work in progress onto canvas. It will be sketched out in pencil onto the canvas first. Then with professionally guided supervision you will create and start to apply color. This entire process will take several weeks or months depending on how your classes are scheduled.

Once you have mastered these techniques and processes you will be able to create your own exclusive contemporary wall art. 


Contemporary wall art to express yourself

Once you have learned how to create your own original contemporary wall art. You will be ready to express your own ideas by producing your unique contemporary wall art. This will be a most gratifying achievement for you. You will no longer have to rely on purchased art because you can now create your very own.

This is indeed a remarkable achievement. Your home will take on a completely new meaning for you and your family and friends. You are now in full control of the impression that your home will give to everyone. This goes beyond making a statement of interior design because it completely personalizes the meaning of your home.

By looking into the various aspects of Contemporary Wall Art. We now can better understand all the aspects of what Contemporary Wall Art can do for us and our home. Every possible aspect of what this art can do for us can now be better understood and become an active part of our lives.

We should keep in mind that the simplest definition of art is that “art is order.” By knowing how to bring art into every aspect of our lives we better not only our lives but the lives of everyone who is a part of our lives. The history of man shows us how art has always been present. The paintings on the cave walls of prehistoric man we now know can be considered the very first Contemporary Wall art. 

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