Looking For Wall Art Ideas For Living Room? Read These Tips First

We’ve all walked into a room and just had to pause for a moment to take it in. Perhaps it was an artistically decorated hotel lobby or a friend’s home that was decorated so well. It’s these wow moments that we all want to replicate in our own homes. Usually, wall art ideas for the living room or any room decor should synchronize with the furniture and other embellishments.

Many of us just leave the art until the last minute. Hoping that one decent piece will bring it all together in the end. While this tactic may work for some projects, it can be worthwhile to spend some time thinking about how art will play into a room beforehand and considering how to coordinate wall art.

Selecting between different wall art ideas for living room can be dizzying. Walking into other rooms of a home can speak volumes about the person who put them together. Their passions, stories, and personality are all on display through how they decorate their living spaces. 

The Benefits of Large Canvas Wall Art for the living room

Wall Art Ideas for Living Room bear picture on wall

Naturally, the first room that comes to mind does so for a good reason. The living room is where many of us spend most of our time. This room is usually the centerpiece of any home and often the most intimidating to decorate. After all, it is typically the room in your home that receives the most visitors. And more than not, it’s the largest room. This gives us the chance to see the art of the most significant scale. Good examples of this could be a life-size detailed painting of Niagara Falls, an expansive downtown cityscape, or a beautiful fine art family portrait.

The living room is also the room that usually displays the passions and personalities of the people of the house. It’s adorned with things that the people in the house love. These can be family pictures, wildlife photography, paintings, and other embellishments. We often want to share our passions with those we invite into our homes, and living room decor is a great way to do this. While it can be tempting to play it safe with this room, it is essential to go for whatever excites you the most, such as wildlife decor. 

Take the time to seriously mull over potential wall art and how to coordinate wall art ideas for your living room.

Wildlife wall art ideas for Living Room

CALMING WALL ART Wall Art Ideas for Living Room HORSES picture
TUNDRA white WOLF or polar wolves in snow

The daunting challenge of selecting living room decor and wildlife decor for the living room is that the room tends to be rather large, especially compared to other rooms in the house. The bigger empty walls can be more challenging to fill, especially with the added expectation that art is the home’s centerpiece. However, there are a few ways to break this down so that you can select the wall decor and coordinate wall art that works best for your home.

One of the charastics of large wall art for the living room that distinguishes it from the rest is the statement that sets the tone and theme for all other art choices. 

For those of us that prefer bold statements, an oversized piece can be a simple embellishment for any living room that is sure to garner attention. The most obvious advantage of going for one large piece of wall decor over multiple smaller ones is that you only need to coordinate it with the furniture.

Living Room Wall Decor Singular

There is no other artwork that it could be fighting with or overpowering. You can invest your time and money in one piece that may have more of a wow factor due to its sheer size alone. Additionally, investing in a singular statement piece for the living room can give you a starting point to build the rest of the room around. It should be noted that negative space isn’t always a bad thing, and if used effectively, can really help your art-pop.

WALL ART ideas for living room HALT

Modern Unique Wall Art for Living Room

People have been using art as a medium of self-expression for centuries. What makes a person connect with a particular style so much that they love it enough to display it in their personal space? The answer is related to investing in the artistic sophistication of a piece. Certain aspects of art are naturally appealing to people regardless of their background.

There is some explanation for why we are attracted to certain factors of wall art for living room ideas, like symmetry or color. Bright, vibrant colors demand our attention. This may be why abstract art can be visually pleasing. We’ve been primed to be drawn to bold clean shapes, even if we don’t always understand why. 

Images and how to coordinate wall art often have the power to command the attention of those around them. You can embrace the attraction to art that you’re drawn to because chances are others will be too.

Luxury Wall Art for Living Room


What we display has little impact if there is no regard for where we display it. Where you display art in your home has great significance. We want the artwork to be able to have the widest reach possible. Areas that experience more of your life are excellent backdrops for your art. The living room is often the largest room in the house. Because of this, we can consider artwork that is larger in scale. This allows us to search for works that are more dramatic in impact. A photograph of wild stallions fighting will deliver a strong impression in a living room. 

If you want to convey a mood of peace, perhaps wildlife or pastoral landscape might be your choice. If your intention is to have unique art represented in the room, you must select a work that gives you a wrenching feeling in your gut.

Framed Wall Art

If you’d like more flexibility or simply can’t choose just one piece of wall decor, you might consider putting together a gallery wall. After all, large wall art can be pretty expensive and difficult to transport and hang. You can opt for smaller artwork arranged as a collage or gallery wall. It can be fun to stick to a theme and incorporate that into the living room decor. You can play with certain colors, components of nature, or styles. For example, wildlife photography can be paired with natural landscapes, or you could build a gallery of portraits. You can really experiment here. 

An easy rule of thumb is to hang up two or three pieces that complement each other and flow together. Separate them by two inches or more to create a break between them. Feel free to space them out even further if you have a larger space to fill, but keep the spacing uniform. Additionally, be sure that the collection is in the center of the wall.


Hanging Art

An easy way to ensure that your art catches the eyes of anyone who enters the room is to simply keep the art at eye level. This makes it so that the viewer doesn’t have to look around much to take in the art. Given the average adult’s height, you should hang the art roughly 60 inches off the floor, but it can be adjusted based on how big the piece is. Additionally, if the art is going above furniture, leaving 6 to 9 inches of paces between them is best.

The Best Luxury Wall Art for Living Room

Living rooms are often areas of life, energy, and personality, so artwork that mirrors and radiates these helps to establish such qualities. Images portraying action, movement, or bold shapes are great ways to achieve this. Contrasting themes, like hanging contemporary wall art in a traditional living room, can be a great way to create interest in the space.

It’s true that it can be painstaking when select Images for the living room. Where do we start? The best place is to tap into your true feelings. When you love a visual subject, use that as your guide. If you adore 1800th-century French paintings, research them.

Luxury WILDLIFE WALL ART decoration ideas for living room

There are so many great artists from this period that you will surely find many to choose from. O maybe your favorite subject is nature or even wildlife photography. We have a countless array of beautiful landscape and animal photography for you to choose from. All of them will set a specific tone and theme for your home.

In Conclusion

The living room is a room of such interest for a good reason, and as a result, deserves some attention. I vesting some time into deciding what you want to show off in your living will make it much easier to coordinate all the decor. Most importantly, it’s essential not to take it too seriously. The goal at the end of the day is to create a space that you enjoy, and the only opinion that matters, in the end, is yours.

Be confident about your choice. This is important because it will be conveyed to the viewer. All visitors will sense your passion and excitement over your choice, and as a consequence, they will better appreciate your decision.

If you can understand and assimilate all that we have described here, you can be assured that your living room will be a definite success, and often the most successful room in the house. Enjoy the challenge!

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