Tigers have a beautiful and unusual appearance. Surely, one of the Earth’s most beautiful animals. These giants are part of our folklore and a photograph can inspire and fill you with energy. You can see the beautiful tiger pictures and cute tiger pictures below. These Indian tiger pictures to print make it ideal for home, office, or any other establishment. We are excited to share these special white tiger pictures of the beautiful tigress. Limited edition prints of our black and white tiger photography are available for purchase.

Black and White Tiger photography - cute tigers pictures


South India Afternoon.

Having spent five days in the dense forests of South India in search of the elusive Black Panther, I had lost my wits. My team was on edge because of the frustration that I was exhibiting. There was little we could do. We were at the mercy of the Black Panther showing itself to us. 

All of a sudden, my tracker stops dead in his tracks &, with a hush, points out to the silhouette of a magnificent beast coming up the ravine 35 to 40 feet away. It was a tigress, and all I could see was her beautiful face. 
Though I wasn’t there to photograph the Tigress, her beauty and grace were unmatched to any animal I had taken images of in the wild. I had no choice but to grab my camera and begin photographing. 

Sometimes in wildlife, photography results are often different from what you set out to achieve, but a tigress so close was not even a thought. The lesson for me was who am I to complain, other than thank god for the opportunity to photograph one of the earth’s most graceful species. 

Beautiful Tiger Pictures to print - black and white tiger photography


The meeting of the eyes and sharing the energy was all good until the tigress took her second step towards me, which reduced the distance between us to less than 35 feet. Full-grown tigers are known to traverse more than 35 feet in a single leap, and I had mentally made a calculation that I was a leap away from her. I was frozen & transfixed as I had no Plan B or alternate, and I was prone on the dirt with the camera as my only support in hand.

When you spend as much time behind a camera as I have been fortunate to, you become one with your surroundings and your prey, and sometimes the roles reverse.

During my Indian tiger pictures to print journey. My animals and I have always learned to breathe the same way and hear the same sounds, and this is why I always have the good faith belief that no Wild animal would ever attack a harmless human. 
I was lucky she change her focus and took a different direction.

Returning to our New York gallery after such a fantastic wildlife expedition, we are excited to share these photos of the beautiful tigress. Limited Edition prints of our tiger photography are available for purchase.

Indian coolest Tiger Pictures to print - white tiger pictures


After six days which seemed like a never-ending journey searching for my elusive sighting, I finally found fortune to favor me. I was ready to capture these coolest tiger pictures for fine art printing.

I saw the tiger from a distance and tried to get close to him. She glared at me and then hissed; I felt a definite connection. 
That hiss was mesmerizing to me and almost hypnotic. The energy exchange to something that great cannot be described in words but only experienced in a real-life situation.

To share the energy of the tigress is to allow the flow of electricity within your being. To me, it was more about a connection, and I felt so connected to her during those few minutes. 

This moment in my life that will be unforgettable was not a moment of fear or reckoning but like an unseen eternal power from above. It was a connection with an energy force of this majestic beast, which was a greater force than me, more graceful and more beautiful than anything I have experienced.

To feel the fierce beauty and spiritual energy of the Tigress is what I would wish & hope for everyone. So that the world may learn that we need to take greater care of these greatly endangered species.


One of the earth’s most graceful creatures – an animal that inspires awe and fear in equal proportion. Considered a rite of passage for wildlife photographers, capturing a black and white tiger photography image or beautiful tigress pictures in its natural habitat requires planning, skill, patience, and luck. These gorgeous predators are one of nature’s most elusive large cats. But once you spot one and lock eyes – it’s a moment you will never forget. I’m privileged to be able to photograph Indian tigers at short range.

Shot in: Beautiful Tiger Pictures South India


These black and white tiger photographs make for ideal home, office, or establishment decor. They are available to order in various sizes, print material, and framing options. Part of the sale amount goes towards organizations that help preserve these magnificent beasts from the effect of climate change.


Being an apex predator, the tiger plays an important role in the health of an ecosystem. It maintains the balance between herbivores and the vegetation upon which they feed. Remove predators like tigers from here, and a delicate balance collapses.

Climate change is a massive threat to these coolest tigers – endangering their habitats and food sources. As climate change accelerates, the longer, drier, hotter seasons increase. This leads to wildfires that kill most vegetation, tigers, and prey. The forests that are located near the sea are also affected. As sea levels increase, the freshwater drinking sources for tigers are also polluted with saltwater, leaving them to starve for good water. Deforestation accelerates climate change, leading to critically endangered animals like beautiful SUMATRAN TIGER extinction.


I have always believed in giving back. When I realized how much damage has been done to the animals and the planet due to climate change, I knew I had to do something. The direction led me to conservation groups and organizations.

As a fashion photographer, I pay the models. In wildlife, I can not pay the animals or cute tigers to picture them, so I’ve developed relationships with conservation organizations to give back.

A percentage of these cute tiger pictures fine art prints are donated to these organizations. So when you buy black and white tiger photography from Ejaz Khan Earth, not only do you have an inspiring photo of some of nature’s finest creatures on your walls, but you will also be helping them.

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How many stripes do tigers have?

Tigers have over 100 stripes. Tiger’s stripes, just like human fingerprints, are unique to identify each tiger by its stripe pattern.

Where do tigers live?

Tigers are commonly found in Asia. Siberian tigers tend to live in colder areas of Russia and China. Smaller tigers live in warmer countries such as India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Are tigers endangered?

Tigers are endangered because of illegal hunting for their pelts, meat, and body parts. Their habitats have been gravely impacted by logging and other forms of deforestation.

Where can I buy fine art photo prints of tigers?

Black and white pictures of tigers can be purchased through our online wildlife art gallery. Contact us for size details and price quotes for your favorite tiger photograph.

How much do tigers weigh?

Adult male tigers can weigh between 200-670 lbs, and female tigers weigh 140-370 lbs.


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