My quest to photograph the snow wolf started when I was looking up animals living in extreme weather conditions. Not knowing the challenges this kind of photography endeavor would demand, I made up my mind to take pictures of the tundra wolf.

I researched all the facts from arctic wolf habitat, arctic wolf diet, arctic wolf weight, arctic wolf population, arctic wolf behavior everything I could put my hands on about ARCTIC WOLVES.

Journey in search of the snow wolf.

It was a long journey all the way from New York to GRISE FIORD, it took four flights and three and a half days to get to my tracker Raymond, then another 8 to 9 hours on a snowmobile ride to get close to the majestic white arctic wolf — or so we thought. All my research knowledge went out the door when I had to face temperatures as low as -56º f. I had never seen anything like this or felt so helpless to the environment. What was I thinking why did I decide to take arctic wolf pictures why did I go after the polar wolf? I kept asking this question when I was in a tent waiting for days for the wolf to appear. For days nothing happened the arctic wolf did not show, I was disappointed and more so I just didn’t have the strength to keep going mentally and physically we packed up all our equipment and decided to leave.


Wolves a gift from God.

Raymond’s (my tracker) house was 8 hrs away from our location, heartbroken we left for civilization. After riding for one hour Raymond stopped, he looked at me and smiled I could not see any wolves but I immediately realized Raymond had spotted an arctic wolf. To my pleasant surprise, it was a pack of 8 snow wolves. They were smaller than the gray wolf, but they are still pretty large in size. They walked towards us without a fear and came as close as 10 feet from us. I got my 7 minutes with them and then just as they appeared, they walked away over the mountain.

Picture of arctic wolf and print size.

Since I was lucky enough to photograph the white wolf also known as Canis lupus arctos at such a close distance I am able to print really large size prints. For our exhibition, we printed 4 feet by 6 feet images that brought them back to life. We offer them in five different sizes, as they are so far north and so difficult to get close to many of our art buyers jumped on the opportunity of ordering an image online via our website or in person at the EXHIBITION.


Giving back and Conservation

Since it’s so difficult to photograph these majestic animals, Nikon USA asked me to do an interview with them, you can READ THE INTERVIEW. I am so grateful to the wolf and the only way for me to pay them back is to donate a portion of all wolf image sales to CONSERVATIONS that help protect them.


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