Luxury Master Bedroom Designs Ideas

If you’re trying to decorate your home to feel more like your own, you may have difficulty knowing where to start. Many people love luxurious master bedroom design ideas for their homes, complete with a marble fireplace, accent walls, decorative pillows, hanging pendant lights, crown molding, ambient lighting, and lush greenery. Those are just some things that come to mind when thinking of luxurious homes, especially luxurious master bedrooms.

The wonderful thing about art is that it can transform a room into whatever you want. The right interior design can create an elegant bedroom and upgrade your sleeping area. The elements you pick for your master bedroom can give it a contemporary aesthetic, even if nothing else does.

Elements in a luxury bedrooms

Wild horses wall art in bedroom

Your elements for luxury are unique to you, but some starting points can help you with your campaign. A luxurious bedroom can be one of a kind and incorporate uncommon elements like a seating area, intricate designs, a stone fireplace, an eccentric color scheme, or a tufted ottoman. The goal is to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom. Whether you prefer a glitzy master suite or a cozy master bedroom with a practical purpose, you can strive for luxury. It all depends on what you want your decor to say about you.

With a master bedroom, you have a lot more privacy than other rooms in your house. It is your sanctum above all else, and you have the most freedom to be authentic in this room. You can decide if you would like to show off your passions, like hobbies, friends, and family. On the other hand, you can choose to go all out and bring a luxurious feel to this space.

How big are luxury master bedrooms?

Luxury Master Bedroom Designs Ideas

If you have the choice to pick the dimensions of your master bedroom, it can be a huge perk! The ideal size of your luxury bedroom depends on how big you want your bed to be and how you want to use the space.

You will want to consider if you want side tables, a sitting area, a fireplace, an accent wall, or a four-poster bed. Think about what you want to surround yourself with when you are getting ready in the morning or turning in for the night. A luxurious bedroom should still have a warm feel and be a comfortable place for you to detach yourself from the rest of the world in.

If you want to be generous with your space, you can build your master bedroom around a king four-poster bed. You can start with about 20 x 22 ft and give or take some to balance the rest of your home. You can also add 100 to 200 square feet for an attached bathroom or a walk-in closet.

How to make a bed look luxurious?

EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY prints on bedroom wall

Everyone loves that feeling of flopping into a freshly made hotel bed. It’s always better when you aren’t the one who has to make the bed, but you deserve to have a luxurious bed even if you are. You can do some things to make this happen every time, and they aren’t very difficult.

For starters, it is important to care about bed frames. It’s the most permanent part of your bed. You want to consider what kind of bed you want. It can include a wooden bed frame, a gray tufted headboard, a platform bed, or an upholstered headboard. A large bed can also feel much more wealthy than a smaller one.

Once you have your bed picked out, the next most important part is the bed linens. You want to have high-quality bedding made of cotton to replicate that luxurious bedroom feel of a hotel. If you don’t want to commit to all-white bedding, you can still opt for neutral colors.

The next step is to go for a well-filled comforter or duvet. You want something plush and soft enough to make you want to jump into bed. Then you can add some big pillows on top. It’s better to go for slightly bigger pillows than you think you’ll need. You can always add additional throw pillows to the mix if you want an extra last bit of luxury decor.

Master bedroom wall decor ideas

Luxury Bedroom Designs Ideas

The walls of a home tell more about the home than most other parts. They hold the stories and history of the inhabitants and display them all for all. That being said, it can be important to consider your wall decor when designing your home. Even a simple element on a wall makes all the difference. Like other details of your home, you want your wall decor to reflect who you are.

White walls are classic and are an obvious choice for clean and sophisticated luxury bedrooms. You can incorporate fun colors and work with a particular color scheme to tie it all together. You can also experiment with wallpapers, especially if you don’t want to commit to something permanent. Another thing to consider is wall art, especially the size and energy of your art. You can save just one wall in your bedroom to be an accent wall or spread it out.

Any piece of art can be elevated by upgrading it to a bigger size. A larger piece can properly bring out the details in work. You could have a beautiful piece but not appreciate any of it if you have to squint to see it. A hallmark of luxury is often the details, which can be so expensive. You pay for the fine details and the effort it takes to bring them out.

Modern Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas

Modern luxury is an entirely different animal from traditional luxury. Today people have expanded their ideas of modern luxury with new money. Luxury is no longer a rigid idea reserved for the 1%. Luxury is a more subjective modern term now and can include more elements. So how can you make the most of this and bring modern luxury to your master bedroom?

You can always go with the tried and true methods like fine art. You can start with a neutral base like a dark gray accent wall. If you do opt for this, be sure to incorporate plenty of natural light to keep it from being gloomy. You can do this by installing glass doors, large windows, or a ceiling skylight. A nice wide window can make a bedroom feel more connected with natural elements. Otherwise, you can balance the light with wall lamps, recessed lights, table lamps, a chandelier, or a bedside lamp. Soft lighting is key when it comes to bedroom lighting. You never want a harsh white light in the room where you retire from your hectic day.

An easy way to prevent the harsh lightness of all-white walls is light beige walls. You can even pivot to pastels like a soft pink or blue for a fun bit of color. Be sure not to let beige walls worsen by incorporating plenty of recessed lighting.

Master bedroom layout

Modern rustic bedroom interior design picture

While there is no “right” way to decorate or layout your bedroom, there are beliefs. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese belief system that considers the energy of everything in a room and how to best optimize it for you. Learning its basic principles can help create a calming and pleasing environment, regardless of your opinion.

For starters, feng shui encourages using a large bed, preferably a queen or king, in your master bedroom. The important thing is to make sure that you maintain symmetry with your bed. Be sure to leave equal space on either side of the bed. If you place a nightside table on one end, do the same on the other side.

Another important principle is to place your bed in a commanding position. This means placing it with a view of your bedroom door but not directly in front of it. This helps your room feel a bit more private and secure.

It is also a good idea not to store many things in your master bedroom. This room should be peaceful and calming, something hard to accomplish if there is a lot of clutter or mess. Harvard Medical School has also agreed with this principle and found that decluttering a room can help improve your quality of sleep.

It is also recommended to have an area rug, especially if you want a separate seating area in the master bedroom. It helps balance out the harder and cold elements in the bedroom with softer and warmer elements. A luxurious bedroom is a well-balanced bedroom.

Master bedroom chandelier

Chandeliers are both practical and beautiful additions to any bedroom. They add soft light and style no matter what you pick. How you place them in your bedroom can vary, but there are two typical placements: centered and over the bed.

When centering a chandelier, you’ll likely place it at the foot of your bed. If you go with this placement, picking the size of your chandelier is simple. You take the sum of the length and width of your bedroom to find the diameter of your chandelier in inches.

If you would rather place it above your bed, it is important to consider the size of your bed. You want both pieces of furniture to complement each other’s size. If you have a queen or king bed, opt for a chandelier that is 3 feet in diameter. If you have a twin bed, opt for a 2-foot wide chandelier. Be sure to balance the light in other parts of the bedroom with this placement.

Luxury Bedroom Furniture

Furniture gives a bedroom structure and character. It is also one of the most permanent parts of your decor, so choose wisely when you can. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment and find your unique style.

Investing in high-quality furniture ensures that your decor is here to stay. For example, a good area rug, platform bed, sitting area, headboard, and bedding are good one-time investments. When thinking of furniture to incorporate, it can help to balance the elements of your room. You want to have solid structures like bed frames, tables, and chairs along with soft, comfortable elements like bedding, pillows, and rugs. A stone fireplace can be an unexpected but cozy surprise in a bedroom and a great source of light and warmth. Just tie up the bedroom with a soft area rug to make the space inviting.

Master bedroom ceiling and fans Design Ideas

Your master bedroom can have some interesting ceilings installed. Given that you spend a lot of time laying in bed staring at your ceiling, it can be nice to have a well-designed one. Many modern homes have a tray ceiling in their bedrooms for added depth. These raised design features are possible on 2 or more levels, adding height and roominess to your bedroom.


Master Bedroom Lighting Ideas

You might not want to think about lights when designing your bedroom, but it can be worth the effort. Think of the difference between supermarket lighting and that in a hotel lobby. One puts you at ease, and the other can make you dizzy. That doesn’t mean that you should go with basic warm lighting.

You can employ several different lights instead of just one overhead light. Switch up what you use to illuminate your bedroom based on the time of day and mood. Think about table lamps, recessed lighting, large windows, sconces, and even a fireplace. Use light to compliment the rest of your interior design, just like you would any other element of decor.

Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas

The last element of your interior design journey is the flooring in your bedroom. What’s most important is that the floors look like a continuation of the rest of your room and not separate. Pick flooring that is complimentary and not disruptive.

It is also up to you to decide if you prefer hard or carpeted floors. You want to keep still the balance of hard versus soft elements in your room. Keep that in mind as you decide, but be sure to choose whatever would make you happiest in the long run.

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