Is Fashion the leader of trends?

Trends eventually do become fashion. But, the question is how and to what degree? Trends evolve from many sources. The most influential one is how society changes. And this is complex as society changes every day!

Every company that designs products (cars, appliances, clothing, etc.) must start by researching. Millions of dollars are spent every year by product designers and developers. Everyone is obsessed with coming out first with whatever is the latest in their industry.

To do this well, these individuals are sent worldwide to observe trends and learn what is happening. Any new color, shape, or style of any product will be sought after and used to design and plan an update. Those who do their work well through research will surely quickly reap the benefits (primarily financial).

Fashion trends and Interior design

Fashion trends and Interior design

Most people make the error of thinking that fashion only pertains to clothing. This is not true because fashion applies to everything in life, from how we speak, present ourselves, decorate our homes, etc. Have you noticed over the decades how what we perceive as new words come in and out of use in our language? Some examples of these are groovy, swell, on the fritz, and of course, awesome.

Interior design and wall art

In the applied arts, this is particularly important. In Interior design, for example, in the later eighteen hundreds, the style and fashion of The Victorian Era prevailed. It was abandoned as we moved into the nineteen hundreds, and modern interior design took over. Why? Because of the way we began to live completely changed.

The new modern look of interiors became very free and wide open with room for personal expression. New unheard-of trends emerged. Modern Art and Fine Art Photography started to be hung on walls expressing one’s personality and interests. For many, Wildlife Photography became a new and novel way to express themselves in their homes.

Fashion trends and Interior design

People began to realize the strong emotion that wildlife photography can bring to a room. The excitement or classic beauty of wild horses, the cuteness of baby monkeys and foxes, the power of a wolf looking into your eyes are all images shown in our wildlife photography that will add greater meaning to your interiors.

And, if you are wondering, the answer is “yes” to if there are trends and fashion influences in interior design. Our wildlife themes and photographs fit in perfectly with today’s modern approach to interior design because of their emotionality and strong statement. 

Black and white wildlife pictures as wall art

Our black and white wildlife photographs have a unique drama about them. We travel to the animals’ environment and wait until we can capture that special moment of the essence of the animal and deliver it to you for your home. Another advantage is that our fine art pictures are investments in the art world that mature as time passes.

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