Fine art decorating can be very emotional but fun as well. The impact that one single image can have on us is very powerful. There are many joyous and monumental moments in our lives that we get to experience. The beauty of seeing our families grow, the adventures that made us who we are, and countless of memories that we wouldn’t trade for the world. Those are cherished memories that we often wish to go back to. But going through family pictures make us relive those moments. We get to laugh again, cry, and reminisce once more. These feelings should never escape us. 

Having our homes be surrounded by what makes us happy is the most perfect way to add our unique personality. The perfect arrangement of fine art photography allows our space to feel true to our hearts and of course our personalities. It may take time considering which photos you want to select and display but the end results will amaze you. The first key to choosing the perfect photo is to listen to what your heart speaks. 


What experience are you bringing into your home? What emotion do you want to feel when you see these pictures displayed in your space? Finding the perfect piece that connects with us also involves taste, style, and emotional appeal. Another important aspect to consider is to connect with the photographer. Learning who the artist is and the inspiration behind their fine art photography awakens a new layer of meaning in your decision.

Next, what print size are you looking to display? A large statement piece? A series of smaller fine art photography perhaps? You can make a big impact in your home by choosing one large statement piece that captivates you, your family, as well as guests. One particular area that many of us focus on is the living room. Especially the blank canvas above the sofa, it’s usually the most prominent wall in our homes. When designing and decorating homes, that wall area should immediately display deep emotion and connection when entering the room. Black and white fine art photography often creates such a dramatic and sentimental aura. The monochromatic look fits perfectly in any living room or family space.


If your home is already decorated with art but you’re looking to add some fine art photography to your collection, we can offer guidance to create a cohesive look. What’s your favorite element in your space? Let that be your anchor piece. You can use the base of its color to find the complementary photo to make the room pop. Another fun way to unite your pieces together is to frame them in the same colors or materials found throughout the room. For example, most of your home decor is influenced by a golden or perhaps wooden accent. You can choose the finish for your fine art photo based upon your desired accent to make it feel like it was truly meant to be part of your collection.


Another approach when choosing the right photo is to be inspired by the seasons. In the spring and summertime, we may want something bright and playful. During the fall and winter, the images of calmness and elements of snow speak more. These are simple ways to incorporate fine art photography into your design scheme. It is also a fantastic way to easily change any room throughout your home.


The piece of artwork that we finally choose for our homes is an investment that’s certain to add to the beauty and depth of home decor. The beauty of fine art photography, just like our memories, should last forever. One must take proper care of the fine art photo and be taken to preserve it. When it comes to photography, it’s recommended to have the print framed in a non-glare glass. This framing technique will help protect it against dust, stains, and damaging lights. For a traditional timeless look, matting the photograph adds to it visually and it also helps protect it from damage from the glass. A valuable lesson on where to hang the photograph is to avoid areas that receive direct sunlight.


The beauty and significance of art in our society has been growing over the years. We are encompassed by talent and messages of hope. When selecting a work of art for your home, are you carrying a message? Painters paint with their feelings and photographers photograph with their emotions. It is often that artists are conveying that only art speaks. As well as creating for the greater cause. Artists want to give back to their communities and as the world as a whole. Not only are you supporting artists, you are doing a greater deed. Our fine art photography collection gives a voice to the voiceless by creating awareness of the beauty of wildlife on our earth.

There are endless places that you can find fine art photography. There is such a wide range of artwork to be found just online. It feels like having open access to galleries from around the world from the comfort of your own home. But the connection to the piece, the artist, and its history should play the biggest role. When going through the photos of any fine art collection, you must keep in mind the following questions. Are you feeling a sense of peace and happiness with the piece? What memories are you reliving when you look upon it?


However you choose to go about selecting the perfect photo to bring into your home, focus on the decorative objects and artwork that bring you absolute joy. If your heart speaks to a black and white photograph, listen to it and find a collection suited best for your walls. If your heart beats to a colorful and vibrant fine art photo, it can be a great focal point for family events and your special guests. Above all, it’s all about what your heart wants. Follow it because it will never set you wrong.

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