How to Use Fine Art Animal Pictures while Decorating?

In order to understand how to use fine art animal pictures to create empowering feelings in your home, we should understand the differences between animal photography and Fine Art Animal Photography. Animal photography is a type of photography that anyone with a camera can do. Its purpose is to capture a particular animal’s image in a specific moment or series of moments.

It is didactic, forthright, and factual. It is an ideal method of tracking an animal’s life, progress, and history throughout its life. If an animal is your pet you may use this method of photography to have an ongoing record of their life; you will have this forever. and be able to see and reflect on it. So, we see now how it has a particular place and meaning in our own life

How to Create empowering feelings in your home

Fine Art photography is in a completely different category unto itself for as it is indicated in its name it is indeed Fine Art. The artist-photographer has a specific vision in mind before setting out to photograph. This is usually composed of many elements: the moment or story that the photographer-artist wishes to convey; the visualization of the intended image and the technical knowledge of how to create the intended result.

This mental process regarding the artist’s intent is the factor that enables the photographer-artist to create Fine Art Photography.

Just as an artist paints a canvas so does a Fine Art Photographer create his photograph. The process is the same. It is the thought process that enables visualization. Therefore it is from the mind that we get our Fine Art Photography. This phenomena has resulted in us having Fine Art Animal Pictures.

Fine art animal pictures
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Decorating Your home with Fine art Animal Pictures to feel good

So now that we understand that the photrogers intention is to create a photograph that originates in visualization, but is created to result in an emotion. These emotions can convey a wide range of feelings: happiness, intrigue, peace, excitement, etc.. 

This gives you the opportunity to decorate your home with Fine Art Animal Pictures to feel good, while at the same time giving personality to your rooms and home. An idea for this could be to select a theme for your home. The art throughout the home may follow a theme of excitement. 

If excitement is your goal in our Fine Art Wildlife Gallery we have many many photographs for you to choose from. The most favored images are of the wild horses. These magnificent creatures demonstrate a range of emotions in their daily lives. There are some who reveal their affection for one another. Others show their anger to a fellow member or members of the herd; we see this, particularly during the breeding season over competition for mating. While others just want to show their companionship and friendliness for others in the herd.

In any case, we have an array of feel good and not so feel good emotions reflected in our photographs at your disposal to select which best suits you and your home.

Fine Art Animal pictures for kids to make them happy


Most children love animals. When a child is raised from birth with a pet they always share a strong bond and are friends for life. The pet, particularly if it’s a dog, takes on the role of protector of the child. It instinctively knows that the child is a baby and needs supervision. There are countless stories where the dog has saved the child from harm and even death.

This bond is so strong that it makes a lasting impression on most children. So many believe that it is this close friendship between the child and the pet which causes children to love animal pictures. Whenever we show animal pictures to children they always become interested and excited. Think of the videos that you have seen of children at zoos and petting farms. They are always happy to be relating to the animals and having a good time.

This of course helps us to better understand why children are happy when they view animal photos. They feel that they are seeing their friends. Photos of dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, kangaroos, kualoa bears, giraffes, horses, and countless other animals always bring a smile to a child’s face. So when choosing decor for the nursery, playroom, or child’s bedroom be sure to have Fine Art Animal pictures at the top of your list. 

Cute Baby Animal Pictures to make you smile

horse portrait bedroom wall art

The category of wild horses is always the most favored when people come to our site. However, the second most favored is cute baby animal pictures which make you smile. There is just something about the baby animal pictures that grab our attention. 

We think that like for humans photos of babies have a special place in our hearts so do pictures of baby animals. The first word out of someone’s mouth when they see a baby animal picture is “cute.” The reason for this is that it is exactly what these images are! These images are so welcomed by everyone. It seems that the very “cuteness” of the baby animal hypnotizes all adults. Perhaps these baby animal pictures trigger in our mind memories of a pet we had when growing up or a visit to a zoo. Whatever the motivation is it is that memory of that experience that brings to the surface our love of cute baby animal pictures that make us smile.

On our website, we have pictures of baby wolves, doge, foxes, monkeys, cats, deer, horses, pumas, moose, bears, and of course puppies. 

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