What is Boho Wall Art Fashion?

It’s always a good idea to add art to your space. It could be a sketch, an outline of a beautiful woman or animal- anything that strikes you as the right thing to put up in your home or office. Sometimes photos are okay, but if you have access to works by professional artists looking for a place to display their work, it’s always worth considering. Black and white Boho wall art style is timeless and just about everyone loves this clean, chic look which can lift spirits instantly and create some real ambiance in your housing space!

Boho fashion may have been around for decades, but it didn’t gain popularity until the 1960s and the 1970s. It’s important to remember that Boho fashion is not intended for low esteem; rather, this style is meant to lend itself towards a natural style! The Boho fashion shows the true nature like a colorless black and white picture.

What is the Meaning of Boho

To understand anything related to the term” Boho,” we must first know where and how this term (word) came into being. It is stated that it is derived from the word “Bohemia,” a province in Czechoslovakia that is now the city of Prague. The traveling wanderers who settled in Bohemia after leaving India one thousand five hundred years ago were given document permission (in 1423) to be residents of Bohemia. This was a very welcomed circumstance for these known as Roman. In 1854 many of them migrated to France, where they were given the name “Bohemians.” (“Bohem”) in French. Today these people are considered Gypsies.

Boho is an abbreviated term currently used to indicate anything from or about Bohemians. The literal definition of a “Bohemian” is an artistic wanderer living a highly unconventional lifestyle.

Boho Fashion

Boho fashion

Boho fashion is a “look’ that has been around for decades but gained fame in fairly recent times (the 1960’s and the 19700’s.) it distinguishes itself using natural fibers and materials to create a relaxed, flowing silhouette. Ethnic prints and knits are worn together to give a free casual look. This look is achieved by putting together elements from many different cultures, often contrasting. The consumer who embraces this style is a self-assured well-traveled woman. She has most likely bought most of her clothing and accessories from all over the world and mixes them all to create beautiful, casual, original, unique looks.

Originality and a desire to be noticed are the boho dressing style’s fashion elements. We can readily see how the modern boho wall art trends originated with the gypsies and reflect the past. The loose fitting styles, often with full swing skirts, are the silhouettes’ basics. On top of this, accessories like strands of beads, snug fitting vests, large brimmed hats, and oversized large earrings and glasses enhance the overall look. Unconventional with a touch of revolution and the unexpected achieves this boho look.

The notion of boho fashion is all about originality, void of all current fashion trends. These women are often in the arts: writers, performers, musicians, and artists naturally gravitate to these looks. They all are strong women with firm opinions and assuredly know who they are. Hence they see boho fashion as the vehicle to show through their way of dressing that they make an assured original statement dressing mode.

boho fashion and boho wall art prints

They have no interest in what is considered current, acceptable fashion. Indeed, they are pioneers of originality with strong views reflected in their

Boho Fashion is not Remantic – Its Based on Orignality of Nature

Boho fashion is not for the romantically inclined nor a woman of low esteem.

An artistic movement in the 1950’s that originated in New York in Greenwich Village In the 1950’s coined the term “Beatniks.” These were the artistic forerunners of what became known in the1960’s and 1970’s as ‘”hippies” This defined a particular type of boho dress. These women were carefree, sexually liberated and perfect examples of what boho fashion is all about. This is also the era where the idea of “unisex” was defined. It, of course, amplified the notion that sexual revolution was in the air.

Boho style certainly encompassed all of these movements. You may recall that the term “flower child” came into being in this period.

“Flower child” certainly gives us the image of what boho fashion is all about. Very loose fitting garments, often in prints or tidied fabrics, became their classic defining look.

Boho Framed Wall Art

boho framed wall art - BEAR WALL ART

Nature and animal art is usually a favorite with boho-style homeowners. They might use natural animal art exclusively or together for a beautiful black and white boho framed wall art that will compliment any room and give it a wonderful contrast to the colorful supporting decor.

To define modern Boho Wall Art, we can easily sum it up by saying “anything goes.” However, we can assist you here with some good suggestions for this.

Decide what rooms and walls you think you want to place art on. Once decided, measure the wall for reference.

Analyze the decor of the room. Ask yourself whether you want to consider the decor of the room when selecting the art for the wall; if you do take note of the colors, patterns and textures in the room; if necessary, take photos to refer to when you are not in the room. This will be of great help to you once you choose the art’s size, subject, and framing considerations.

Do you want to have a theme for the artwork you select? This can be very helpful as it focuses on the subject matter of the art you choose. Several theme ideas are recent vacations, family portraits or nature, etc. For example, if your hobby is photographing nature, you may have a selection of landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and even wildlife to choose from.

Large Boho Wall Art Prints

MONKEY PICTURES large boho wall art

The sizes of these selections can be diverse and need not conform to each other. Some may be large in scale and others small.

Do you want the art to be boho framed wall art or not? If the same frame is selected for all the art, it will give some more control over appearance. However, since the overall style is Boho, you can easily mix framed artwork with unframed artwork of different sizes. This unconventional random statement will give assured originality to your room.

The boho framed wall art placement on the wall is your next consideration. Do you want it to tell a story or be progressively exciting as your eye travels the wall? This can be most effective as it will truly engage the viewer.

Where and how the artwork is placed on the wall can make a huge difference in the viewer’s reaction and the statement that your wall makes. Artwork can place symmetrically or asymmetrically for particular desired effects. Since Boho framed wall art style mixes all the various elements explained above, we are at full liberty to create the wall however we wish. There are no rules and no right or wrong decisions.

Black and White Boho Wall Art

black and white boho framed wall art - LION CUB IMAGES

If you intend to make a very direct statement with your modern Boho wall art, then black and white boho wall art may very well be your choice. We have a lot of requests from our followers on this topic. Many seem to be very drawn to this as they intend to make a bold, clear choice. This can be a fine choice as it is void of color and will not clash with the room.

Most interiors are planned with color in mind. The general rule is to use sixty percent of a dominant color and forty percent of a secondary color or a neutral tone. The room will also have different prints, textures and patterns. These elements in a boho wall art interior are always quite varied.

For this reason, many people choose black and white wall art, as it does not interfere with the rest of the room. It can make a very interesting statement for the overall design concept while creating an interesting contrast.

Creating a collage in black and white within the sphere of boho wall art prints can be highly effective. An example of this using wildlife photography could be a wall devoted to one animal (horses are often a favorite of our clients) or several different animals in a pleasing arrangement.

Boho Theme Decor

snowy owl picture in home - Boho theme decor

An interesting statement can make by creating a related theme using a modern boho framed wall art wall with black and white animal pictures. For example, if you like interesting architecture, bridges, or auto photos, you can select your favorites and design an original wall entirely on any of these themes.

If you prefer, you can make a Large boho art statement by selecting one large boho wall art photo print. The use of just black and white in boho will greatly dramatize the room’s impact on viewers. This art can be centered on a wall or placed strategically to one side.

Compose a gallery wall with unrelated but interesting, framed, and unframed boho artwork. The very nature of what boho art is about can be put to good use here, as well as creating a strong original treatment for your black and white wall.

You might prefer to cover an entire wall with beautifully designed black and white wallpaper. The design may be abstract or traditional.

Did you ever try boho fashion or boho-themed interior decoration?

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